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    I found out that a line of 3 inch tall PVC figures were made for European markets of the Filmation characters. If I can find someone local with a 3D scanner & printer I will pick up a set and use shrunk down models of those.

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    Three characters, closely connected to each other, from a friend's fan film ECTO EPIC series.

    Ark Gearheart's abilities are based on his study of ley line energy and use of a Power Loader like exo-suit.

    Maverick is a flawed time-twin of Gearheart who must feed on ley line (Gate) energy to survive (and would probably be an antagonist rather than a playable character). His pack is very similar to the videigame pack, so I gave him a Slime Thrower ability.

    Gearhate is Ark's PeopleBuster duplicate and is definitely a Ghost, though I'm writing him up as a playable character for the purpose of a "Ghostbusters vs Peoplebusters 1 on 1 game idea I'm trying to hash out. At this point balancing a PeopleBuster against a Ghostbuster is iffy at best. I'm assuming they all shoot Slime at range and each Level 5 ability will make them all equivalent to the PBs from the RGB cartoon, in theory anyway. Even if/when I write these guys up as Ghosts I want to give them the ability to "Level" from Class 1 to Class 5 either during the scenario of over the course of a campaign.

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    Would anyone here be interested in a Word document that serves as a template for custom character card fronts?

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    Here are some customs I did as a commission for a friend. Enjoy!

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    ran out of room in the post, here's some more!

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    In cases like this, I'd specify that the L5 team ability is only for OSI, rather than Ghostbusters. It may be understood that everyone is playing with characters from the Cyborg franchise, but the word Ghostbusters suggests that the line-up can be mix-n-match.

    And now I'm tempted to finish my MYSTERY INC cards and post them here.

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    Customized for Mystery Inc. I've added the gang from Scooby-Doo. As they require Clues which must be gathered in addition to everything else, the Event Die is only rolled after all 5 of them have had a turn.

    These cards mention Traps and Clues as items. The Stream Tokens get used as Traps that get layed out and the Ghost has to pass through or land on that space for the traps to be triggered, by an Investigator in Line of Sight of the space holding the trap(s). The basic strategy is to lure or chase the Ghost into a space with Traps in place. A Ghost that is in these traps is hit by all of them at once; if it is hit by any of these traps but not by enough to catch it, follow the When Hit instructions on the Ghost card. If no traps work, follow the When Missed. A Trapped Ghost only rewards XP when it is deposited, and must be deposited in a Gate rather than the Vehicle.

    The Clues are the "donut holes" punched out of the Stream Tokens. Each Investigator starts with 1 Clue token, and the remaining 4 for that Investigator are placed in random locations, where they can be claimed by landing on them (turn must end on that space). When a Clue is used, it leaves the board but can be reclaimed through various effects. Clues are used to immediately avoid a Slime Token or resist getting Pushed / Moved by a Ghost, or to add +1 to a Trap Roll.

    Custom scenarios can make specific use of Clues beyond this, but for now this is what I've got. I have not yet accounted for Gates being closed, as laying a trap for a gate to step on probably won't work. Most likely I'll play-test some already existing scenarios before deciding what to do about those.

    Lemme know what you think.

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    As with Brad's recent crossover edition, I originally did the Scooby Gang as Clix (HorrorClix in this case).


    These figures are a tad large for the rest of the Ghostbusters board game though, so I may use the 28mm miniatures sold by Hasslefree.

    HFN016 Gang and Dog

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    Has anyone thought about creating character cards based on the Filmation series "Ghost Busters"?

    I found that Reaper makes a gorilla with a hat that would be appropriate for Tracy. Also two investigator jinis from Reaper could be Jake and Eddie.

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    Just look on page 9 of this thread. Someone has done it!

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