To make another contribution, I painstakingly and loosely recreated the Kickstarter XGB cards. The reference for the ability text was a photo from an eBay auction for the real set. The images shown off were from other sources in a sense of irony. I even added the GB2 logo for sh!ts n' giggles. This is basically for the people who missed out on the Kickstarter back in April 2016. The set contains Garrett, Roland, Kylie, Eduardo, and my OC, Charlie Reynolds, as a bonus. The previews shown below may be in a bad quality, so there is a link to an Imgur album right underneath the previews. Again, just like the Mario and Luigi previews, these show off possibilities for your cards and spice your actual game.

GBGarrett_FRONT copy.jpg
GBRolandt_FRONT copy.jpg
GBKylie_FRONT copy.jpg
GBEduardo_FRONT copy.jpg
GBCharlieV2_FRONT copy.jpg

HQ Image Link: