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    Very nice! I made a newer one for me, my two nephews and niece, my son, and I have plans for my friends, too!

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    Brad-Card.jpgDAVIT-CARD.jpgDS card.jpgEM card.jpg Here are some of the cards I made for my friends and family. I blacked out their names.

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    Here are pics of the customs i made for my friends and family. I used Heroclix and modified them with scratch built packs, wands and traps.

    PS I'm the one with the huge gun and white lab coat. I made it on Hero Forge, a Shapeways site. It was pricey, $30! I should have used a Heroclix, much cheaper! : )

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    Here is a custom Ghost, Gooper Grape. I had the concept years ago, didn't have any way to use him. I will try and get the factory down to a smaller size, it's too huge right now.

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    ha those are pretty great. I recognize some of those sculpts haha. Looks like you got a great play group all ready.

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    Thanks! A few are my out of state nieces and nephews, I just made them for fun.

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    Looking at this, i wanted a 5th player (as everyone is harassing me about wanting to play).
    Have 2 Slimers (glow in the dark & standard), figured maybe a white mage type role for him.
    The idea i'm going with, is he absorbs slime from the 'busters, helping them buy keeping them up and running.
    While still having to stick to ghost rules, (ie. can pass through terrain, is affected by the chaos roll).
    Any suggestions would be appreciated, bit worried he won't be balanced, Which is the thinking behind making him affected by chaos and non-combative.
    Also I need to change the Slimer to the IDW Slimer.

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    I think the easiest way to make slimer while keeping him balanced would be to treat him as another ghostbuster and drop the extra stuff ghosts get for movement. Here's my take on your idea:

    Level 1: Whenever Slimer makes a successful combat roll against a ghost, move that ghost one square rather than add a stream. Cannot attack gates. Whenever Slimer is slimed by a Ghost, gain 1 XP.

    This gives slimer a way to defend himself and his fellow ghostbusters, but since he can't trap ghosts, he gains XP at any time he'd be slimed as opposed to Venkman's only happening on his turn.

    Level 2: Once during your turn, you may remove all but one slime from a Ghostbuster or one slime from yourself for free.

    He still gets slimed like the other guys, but he can remove it for free, or if he's feeling generous he can reduce the slime from another (but not all, because his name IS Slimer). More powerful than Ray's equivelent ability in late game (removing potentially 2 slime at once), but less flexible early on.

    Level 4: When you hit a ghost while you have slime on you: You may remove one slime, move the ghost one additional space, and take a free Move Action.

    Utilize that slime! Amplifies his non-damaging attack while letting him scoot along, potentially running some transferred ghosts into the Ecto-1 or tying up some other ghosts.

    Level 5: When a ghostbuster gets slimed on their turn, they may move one space.

    Reused from one of the kickstarter exclusive characters, kind of continues the theme of repurposing slime.

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    Brad, I am just now catching up on all your incredible work, well done, man!

    I REALLY want to make my character.

    Also, this good guy slimer player is very interesting.

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