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Thread: "+1 Card in Opening Hands in Raids for Life"

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    Let's say colored people get half the wage white do. It's ok, right? Cause it does not affect them, right? They can still work and get paid. They should not look at their neighbour and see what he or she earns, right? After all, it does not affect him what other's get paid for the same amount of work? That's your arguement. Well, it does not work in real life, and it won't work in a game either. Just because women had less rights before and we had higher discrimination earlier in the history does not make it right. Just because laws were passed to disriminate does not validate the arguement: "What is done is done, let's move on". People will fight for equal terms, equal wages, and if you are blind to this, then you don't want the game to succeed as much as it can as people who care will leave stay away.
    See, now THIS is what an actual troll looks like, not just anyone that isn't in agreement with you.
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    I've been saying RL was poorly designed from at least as far back as June 2013. It could have been done any number of ways to achieve a similar result without the problems of the current design.

    Link to a thread from 2013 on this topic (which has link to yet more):

    They could have made it a loot buff. They could have made it a card so it could be traded ("at the start of a raid, if this is in your deck..."). They could have made it a spawner of consumables like Lotus Garden, where the consumables can be traded. And so on...

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    This topic died in 2013, not sure why this thread keeps getting bumped. If anything the only thing we nees to know is what are competitive raids, is it the hard mode that was discussed in the past. Bowever, that topic should be a different thread.

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    Locked. We've heard the feedback, thank you.
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