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Thread: Need suggestion on what's a good software to use to record my arena runs (win 7)

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    Need suggestion on what's a good software to use to record my arena runs (win 7)

    as the title says, i need a good software that won't eat a lot of resources so I can record my arena runs so I can share it to my friends to entice them to play hex too. thanks in advance

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    X split or obs can both be used in local record mode and give you all kinds of tools so you can do stuff like streamers with transitions or effects or banners, whatever you like. Obs is free. Xsplit for this purpose may be as well depending on how much you care about quality.
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    OBS - Open Broadcast Software
    Its pretty technical and robust but very free. After getting past the initial setup recording becomes very easy and simple. It was built for streaming but is also very good at local recording. You'll have to look up a tutorial on how to set up for local recording.

    As for Video editing software, I'm still struggling to find something that I like and is in my price range.

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    Agreed with OBS. Also search youtube for videos on how to use it if you need any help, it works quite well.

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    XSplit is pretty much the gold standard for consumer-level streaming. OBS is a good free alternative but it's lacking imo.

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    thanks everyone. i just want to record some of the epic things that happen to me in the arena, upload them to entice friends and maybe view them in the future to reminisce. not really aiming for something else. gonna check out obs asap ^___^

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    The free Xsplit version has huge problems with sound - you really need a work around to get it converted to something viewable on local recordings. On the plus side it allows you to record several windows, overlays, etc.

    For PC there is still FRAPS...
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    "FRAPS" that is the software I forgot that I used before. thanks for reminding me

    follow up question, what software do you suggest? I use one before that I managed to reduce a fraps video down to 90% but I forgot what program is that (gonna do a search tomorrow but need to logout now)

    thanks again for all the replies

    EDIT: this might be it, need to test it tomorrow

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