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    Dragon Ball Z Deck Building Game

    That would be awesome! even more when its compatible with DC Deck Building Game.. Goku fighting togehter with Superman against the supervillains.

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    They need to jump on this quickly. I would buy!

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    dafuk you waiting for cryptozoic, make a dbz deck building game already

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    Yeah, I've been saying for years there needs to be a DBZ deckbuilding game. DBZ can't be any more difficult to get the rights to than DC Comics... Right? *looks around* right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JOHN-OOZARU View Post
    dafuk you waiting for cryptozoic, make a dbz deck building game already
    Patience... Cryptozoic won't make a DRAGONBALL Z deck game if you cuss them out like that. I wouldn't bother making DBZ if my fans ever cussed at my company like that, so disrespectful, just for that don't even bother making a DBZ deck building game Cryptozoic if your going to have fans be saying disrespectful words like that . Respect Cryptozoic and give them time people!

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    I think that was more of a playful and too excited way of asking crypt to make it happen.

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    This would be amazing, especially with the current revival of the franchise going on with the animated movies. This would be an absolute pre order buy for me! The expansion potential would be crazy good!!!

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