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Thread: Card Design Contest #4 - Synergy

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    Added donations to OP thanks to herocomplexkid, 1x Adamanthian Scrivener AA, 1x Concubunny AA. Contest closes soon, get your entries in!

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    VB216 - Robot
    5(SSSS) => Revert and Transform one target troop into a Worker Bot.

    Brute-force Artifice - 4 (SR) - Legendary
    Quick Action
    Revert and Transform all cards in play into War Bots. Each War Bot gets Speed and Must Attack if able.

    Whenever death may surprise us, let it be welcome if our battle cry has reached even one receptive ear and another hand reaches out to take up our arms.

    Automaton's Gloves - Gloves - Uncommon
    Your Brute-force Artifices have "For each War Bot in play, create a Worker Bot."

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    Prismatic Magus Eredius - Human
    COST (4) => Change one of your Thresholds to match another resource in your deck.

    Hex Wrought Tower - COST (5) - Rare
    [3]: Change the Threshold of target card you control to match a resource in your deck.
    "This gleaming crystal tower reveals the Truth of all things."

    Madman's Mirror - Trinket - Legendary
    Your charge ability can now be used on opposing cards.

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    Marmet, the Bargainer - Goblin

    5 () => Choose target troop you control with a 1shot ability. Its ability lose 1shot and can be activated multiple times.

    Goblin Briber - 2 () - Uncommon
    Troop - Goblin

    1SHOT: 0 -> Target troop gets -1/-1 this turn.


    Everything can be bought.

    Human skin pouch - Trinket - Common

    Your Goblin Briber instead have, "1SHOT: 0 -> Target troop gets -1/-1."

    My IGN is Dugmold
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    This is a post being made for IGN: Pokoponesia, because his forum name won't let him post, he even tried making another name not so much luck, so this post is for him (hope that is okay, he made and worded everything) I am just posting.

    Muckluck - Human

    [5] R=> Create a Minotaur Mercenary for every two R Threshold you have and put them into play (their abilities then activate.

    Procurer of Might - [4] RR- Rare
    Troop - Human

    When Procurer of Might comes into play or attacks, take control of target opponent troop with defense 2 or less.


    "If you can't inspire an army, buy one."

    Fiscal Contract - Trinket - Rare

    Whenever Procurer of Might attacks, create and put 4 Minotaur Mercenaries in all player's decks.
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    I hope i'm not to late

    Zyrath - Vennen Cleric

    5 () => Remove 5 egg counter from a card you control: create a random Vennen troop with cost of 4 or higher.

    Egg Sack - 3 () - Uncommon

    [2]: Add an egg counter to this. When this is put into a graveyard from play create a spiderspawn for each egg counter.

    0 / 4

    Broodgem - Trinket - Rare

    Your Rot Caster gains: When a troop is destroyed by Rot Casters effect create an Egg Sack

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    Card Design Contest #4 Winners
    All contest winners are responsible for forum messaging me their in game name!

    Since we didn't have as many entries as usual, I've increased the top 2 prizes by a pack each and removed the 5th place.

    ***2x Set 1 + Set 2 pack + AA Scrivener + AA Concubunny***

    AdamAoE2 - Glowing cards, enough said. The idea of moving cards up in the deck has been used before in these contests, but the implementation here is excellent.

    ***2x Set 1 + Set 2 pack + AA Scrivener***

    IronPheasant - Creative and amusing, though the troop could be a little more powerful since often it won't have a worthwhile target.

    ***2x Set 1 pack***

    KingGabriel - Who doesn't love their pets? A lot of the entries were very narrow in their applications, but champions should be viable for different strategies, and there are just enough pets to make this worthwhile and we should be seeing more pets in time.

    Piecetinker - Cool mechanics allowing for versatile combinations that still have the ability to counter many opponents.

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    Position Lockdown - 1 (R) - Rare

    TYPE - Constant

    Increase the treshhold of all opposing enemy cards in all zones by 1.

    0 / 0

    Being able to out maneuver & lockdown your enemy position in great wars is profitable.
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