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    most power in a turn?

    I know weve all had that 1 turn that is pretty much a nuke where you can buy to your hearts content and leave your opponents demolished. So I wanna hear some of those great experiences from you guys.

    Heres mine. Today I got 96 power in 1 turn and was able to buy off of the main deck with shazams ability. Long long story that I can tell if interested.

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    A buddy made around 160 during a game of crisis
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    wow. most I've had was in the 70s due to a late game Man of Steel.

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    We've had a few games (maybe ten or so) where one of us would get well over 100 as long as you have something good like Man of Steel, Parallax, and a Clayface or two. Keep in mind this is out of around 1,500-2,000 games, so it's not that common since we all refuse to allow someone to get that combination, even if there are better cards for our decks in the line up.

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    About a month ago I played a bunch of cards to get 35 power before playing my last two cards Parallax followed by Clayface. I generated 140 power when it was totaled up.

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    We like to sometimes play bigger games where we mix two sets and I have had a turn using man of steel and paralax with 2 clay face cards, along with the many combos that come off the super powers I gained that added up to a little over 500 power. I also used a toddler this turn which ended the game. Turned out to be the best hand our play group has had
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    My group has seen enough big hands (30+ power) that we have house ruled that you can only go on patrol once per turn. A runway game is not fun for most of the players.

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    Had a game where my brother twice got Man of Steel, Paralax, and Riddler near the end of his deck. He bought the lineup, Super Villain, Kick pile and Riddlered a bunch of cards.

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