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Thread: New Community Challenge - BOUNTY HUNTERS

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    New Community Challenge - BOUNTY HUNTERS

    Hello Fellow Hex Fans, Silentsnake76 here and I am please to bring you a new community contest that I will be starting next week and wanted to make sure everyone who reads this post and plays HEX has a chance to participate.

    We are looking for Bounty Hunters, Mercenaries players who are not afraid to go out and get their hands dirty. Each week starting on 14 April 2015 at 9AM PDT a new set of Bounties will be revealed. These bounties will target 3-4 Hex Streamers each week with specific formats on specific dates and times.

    Here are the Rules:
    1. There will be a video released each week with the current bounties.

    2. Each Bounty (Streamer) will stream twice a week at specific times and using one of the following formats:
    • 128 Scheduled Sealed
    • 128 Scheduled Constructed
    • Constructed Queue
    • Sealed Queue
    • Booster Draft
    • Head to Head

    3. Bounty Hunters can earn platinum and bonus awards if they can defeat their targets.

    4. Bounty Hunters can earn platinum in the following ways:
    • +150 plat for defeating your target best 2 out of 3.
    • +50 platinum if you can defeat him/her without loosing a life in a match.
    • +100 Platinum if they can defeat them best 2 out of 3 without loosing a life.
    • +50 Platinum if they manage to "Deck" their opponent in a match.

    NOTE: For Scheduled Sealed the prize pool is doubled!

    5. If the Bounty is not claimed, the streamer will receive a 250 platinum "survivor bonus".

    6. In order to attempt to claim the reward, the "Bounty Hunter" must enters into a match during the prescribed dates and times, he/she must type in battle chat: "I am here to claim the bounty on your head" before the Bounty Hunter plays a single card.

    7. The streamer is allowed to play a "Card Blocker" if he/she wishes.

    8. If the Bounty Hunter can defeat the target best 2 out of 3 and meet other win conditions he/she will claim the bounty.

    9. A players Bounty can be claimed once per tournament he/she enters in for the duration of the week. ***Change as of 2 June 15***

    10. The streamer and the Bounty hunter must reply to this thread or to my IGN (Snake) with the results.

    11. Bounty payouts for the previous week will be payed out when the new bounties are published.

    12. New bounties will be posted below this post in a video/photos and updated every week.

    ** If you are a streamer and would like to participate please send me a message in hex to my IGN: Snake


    I am introducing a new category of Bounties called "Exotic Bounties." Exotic bounties are for players who have been missing or rarely seen in game for some time. Here are the Rules for Exotic bounties:
    1. Exotic Bounties do not expire until they are claimed
    2. All rewards for Exotic Bounties are now Tripled
    3. You do not have to notify the target that you are there to claim their bounty.
    4. You must post a screen shot of you defeating the target
    5. If you deck or defeat them without loosing a life, you must show a screen shot of the action before the kill.

    I hope all you Bounty Hunters out there get a chance at taken down your mark.

    See you in Game

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    Bounty Hunter targets for 5-11 May 15


    Fridged Exotic Bounty is still Live!

    Happy Hunting!


    Bounties Claimed Last Week:
    Alucard's bounty was claimed by xMASTERx for 150 platinum

    Fridged is still Live

    Good Luck Bounty Hunters
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    What a great idea. Sounds like a lot of fun.


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    This is an awesome idea and sounds like loads of fun. shame there's so much overlap on the bounties, but hey everyone has their real-life to schedule around and such I'm sure.

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    Watched fridge defend his booty, great idea Snake!

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    I defeated Fridged tonight in constructed. I went 2-1 and in the 3rd game I won without taking any damage.

    Just so I am clear since I defeated Fridged am I allowed to participate in any other bounties?

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    Congratulations on your win!

    Anyone can participate in the bounties, the restriction on the bounty is once it has been claimed it cannot be claimed by another person. The rest of the bounties are in Draft and Sealed so finding the target may be harder than you think!

    Happy Hunting!

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    This is a really cool series.

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    For a while I was confused as a few guilds had a bounty on me. Apparently someone won a pippit sleeve for beating me at one point :P (I was one shard away from killing them though)

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