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Thread: Hex Rock League: Season 4 (Starts in May)

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    Hex Rock League: Season 4 (Starts in May)

    Official website

    When? Starts Monday 4th May - 0.01AM GMT (Runs 4 weeks)
    Sign ups until? Sign up stays open, even when the league has already started. The more, the merrier.
    Who? Everyone is allowed to enter.
    Entrance fee? Free

    What is that ‘Rock format’ you're talking about?
    Rock is a constructed format that follows normal construction rules (60 card deck, a maximum 4 of each card, etc.) but also restricts players by only allowing common cards and a maximum of 4 uncommon cards. (So no rare or legendary cards.) Please note that there is a separate banlist for this format (see below)

    Note that if you play with reserves you, the number of uncommons allowed across your maindeck and reserves is till 4.

    The term ‘Rock’ was chosen because they're basically worthless compared to gems/shards.

    How does the League work?
    Every week you're allowed to play a maximum of 3 league matches for points. You may challenge anyone as long as they are signed up for the league. You can only play the same person once every two weeks. Matches are best of 3. A win will earn you 3 points, a loss will earn you 1 point. At the end of the season (4 weeks) the people with most points will be awarded some prizes (see below).

    Playing more than the maximum allowed matches (3), you will earn tiebreaker points. Each win after the first 3 games will award you 1 tiebreaker point.

    Again, you are free to play with anyone you want. Contact people on this list through the forum or just ask around in the chat if someone wants to play you for league points. If they have not signed up yet, have them post in this topic before you start the game. Afterwards you both have to post the result here.

    Once you found a person to play, join the sparring queue together.

    How do I report my games?
    We advice that you report your games by posting a screenshot of the sparring queue tournament lobby after the game has finished. You can upload any images by using a service like imgur. Only you or your opponent has to do this.

    If you can't post this, please post the result as plain text and ask your opponent to do the same to confirm the result.

    Deck choice
    You are free to change your decks in between matches (not in between games!). It would be nice if you let us know which deck you played when you post your result, but that is not required. This way we can see what the meta is like.

    For the current season there will be no bans!

    1st place
    5x Set 2 boosters
    5x Set 1 booster
    1x Jovial Pippet Sleeve
    2000 Platinum

    2nd place
    3 Set 2 boosters
    5 Set 1 boosters
    1600 Platinum

    3rd-4th place (each)
    3 Set 2 booster
    3 Set 1 booster
    800 Platinum

    5th-8th place (each)
    2 Set 2 booster
    2 Set 1 booster
    400 Platinum

    9th-16th place (each)
    1 Set 2 booster
    2 Set 1 booster
    200 Platinum

    17th-32rd place (each)
    1 Set 1 booster
    100 Platinum

    (Top 32 total: 30 Set 2 boosters, 56 Set 1 boosters, 10000 platinum, 1 Jovial Pippit Sleeve)

    The Grinder Challenge
    Just like last time we have the Grinder Challenge. The prize for this will be announced soon. To be eligible for the Grinder Challenge you have to play the maximum allowed games for points each week (That means you have to play at least 3 matches each week to be able to win this prize).

    2x 1000p package

    The Diversity Challenge
    We also have the Diversity Challenge again with a slight change. Only games that count for points will count for the diversity challenge this time around. To be eligible for this prize you have to play with at least 4 different champions in your games for points. Please make sure to report the champion you played with when reporting your score.

    1x 1000p package
    1x 5 Set 2 Boosters

    Door prize
    1x Role Play Convention 2015 Sleeve (Yes, that's the Buccaneer AA Sleeve!)
    10x 1 Set 2 booster + 1 Set 1 booster
    10x 1 Set 2 booster
    10x 200p package

    If you want to donate to the prize pool, you’re very welcome to do so. You can either send them directly to our in-game account (RockLeague) or contact me directly on this forum with a PM. Donations will go only to the prize pool and I will try to give out as many prizes to as many people as possible. Note that your donation might go to another season than the current.

    Rules (recap)
    - 60 cards decks with 15 card reserves. Only commons and a maximum of 4 uncommons across both the deck and reserves. (So no rare or legendary cards)
    - All games will be done through the in-game sparring queue.
    - You can only play the same person once every two weeks.
    - The winner or loser (preferable the former) has to report the game by posting a screenshot of the tournament result screen. Alternatively both winner and loser can report the result of the game without a screenshot in this thread.
    - The first 3 games each week earn you points
    - You are allowed to play more games than the allowed maximum. Playing more than 3 games will award tiebreaker points.
    - Please refrain from trying to play against certain decks or trying to avoid to play against certain decks. Deck and Champion choice should stay secret until the first game starts.

    Ok. Sweet. How do I signup?
    Please respond to this topic with your in-game name. Thank you!
    Please note: If you played during Season 1, 2 or 3, you do not have to sign up again!

    Signed up

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
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    We are still looking for donations for the 4th season of the Rock League.

    For now the prize pool consists of
    43 Set 1 packs
    2 Set 2 packs
    8000 platinum

    I will throw in Set 2 packs of myself, but all donations are welcome. Let's make this an awesome event again.

    Also, I will put up a page with donators on the official forum. I haven't come around to do this yet, but a "Hall of Fame" was and is still planed.

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    Another important thing; I want to try and use the sparring queue to the fullest this time. Please use this for all games played. I advice you to make screenshots of your result-screen and post them alongside your game report. Games reported with a screenshot count as reported by both players.

    I will update the opening post later today with that info.

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    sign me up, ingame name "Vylrok"

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    I'm in. IGN: Ziggarius

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    I want to try it IGN: Stanza

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    signing up for S4. Zeenigami
    :: Certifiably Insane ::
    Level 1 WoWTCG Judge
    Trade rep: +16 WoWTCG

    IGN: Zeenigami

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    Ya know what? I need to start doing Constructed stuff sometime, and I might as well do the budget version to get my feet moist.

    Let's do this.

    IGN: Fyren

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    Sign me up, I'm new to Hex but I loved MtG Pauper so I'll give this a shot!
    IGN: strylght

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