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Thread: What to do while waiting on the draft queue?

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    What to do while waiting on the draft queue?

    After getting back into the game since I noticed some PvE content had been released I thought I should use some of my pro-player draft tickets. Since I typically play in the morning on weekdays its not exactly the fastest to fill up. Can I do anything else in hex? Like build decks, use the AH, play Frost Ring Arena? Or am I stuck on hex and I should continue to check out the forums here? I'd love to be able to go play PvE and get a pop-up saying my queue was ready and put a "pause" on the pve match like it was a disconnect and then continue between games also.

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    get another account and play pve on that one while drafting on main account, problem solved. As long as you have one account tied to a kickstarter code you are allowed to have one more account (that dosent have a code) if I remember it right (?)

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    Not currently implemented...

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    but it will be later?
    Also, the queue kinda bounced between 5-6 people, then all of a sudden it started with only 5/8. is there something that makes it start after its been open so long even if its not full? or did multiple people join in a short amount of time it never updated the people.

    I got a Killipede and was building a blood/wild deck anyway, should be fun!

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    Its on a second monitor I just wanted to play more HEX while waiting to play HEX!

    As for the second account:
    3. Account Creation. As defined in Section B.2., the Account is personal to you. You may only register one Account without a Kickstarter code or a VIP subscription service specifically attached to that account.

    Seems that is true. Guess I'll do that, thanks.
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    Yeah for now we have no way to leave an in-progress tournament without forfeiting, but they are definitely going to allow us to do that in the future so we can jump into the PVE campaign in between matches. It's just a matter of them building the framework to support it.

    Glad to hear you are back and enjoying yourself! Hope you keep it up.

    "Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none."
    - Shakespeare, All's Well That Ends Well

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    Well I managed to get disconnected during the 20min deck building phase =( But I'll get another token tomorrow so more Frost Ring I guess! edit: odd I logged back in to nothing, then a few minutes later logged back in again and it let me rejoin but everything just loading

    A few other general questions
    Does it always go for the max time? Or will it finish instantly after everyone choose/saves deck and I just had someone afk in my queue.
    Have they put out a list of priorities/order of what they hope to go into the game next?
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    It does not always go for the max time, once everyone saves, it will launch immediately. So yes, you very well may have had someone AFK (or in the process of getting disconnected, since you said the queue fired with 5/8 initially).

    There is no official list of "what's next," they're just working on quite a lot of different things all at once. In general, we know that Set 3 is coming soonish, more PVE content probably a little while after that, and we're supposed to be getting asynchronous tournaments at some point fairly soon as well (which very well may involve some tournament interface overhauls in general).

    "Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none."
    - Shakespeare, All's Well That Ends Well

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    Good to know. The game has definitely progressed a ton since I last checked it out back in November/December

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