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Thread: 6 more months!

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    Quote Originally Posted by zadies View Post
    Nico I think you took that in the opposite context as I meant it really no one is exploiting anyone to get more in this particular case.
    I did. Good to know your meaning. Kind of hard to exploit anyone at this point. But I will enjoy the day I can charge for slots in my raiding party

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    Come on guys.


    "Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none."
    - Shakespeare, All's Well That Ends Well

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    Quote Originally Posted by ossuary View Post
    Come on guys.
    Was totally looking for that img earlier

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    Quote Originally Posted by ossuary View Post
    Come on guys.
    I'd be lying so hard if said I didn't understand the pang of jealousy that comes with only having discovered this game after KS/Slacker Backer. I'd also be lying if I said some evil little part of me wasn't unhappy about the extension, just because of the nonlevel playing field it creates with the people who weren't there, so I understand kinda where the complainers are coming from.

    But that's... Kickstarting. You back something untested, it bears fruit, you get rewards that are theoretically an excellent value for what you spent, y'know? That's basically the whole premise as I understand it.

    I'm just going to have to ride the AH, drafts and giveaways that much harder.

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    This feels like a bad move.

    I have read the thread and the people defending it do seem to be defending for the sake of defending. You guys need to realise that sometimes it is ok to find fault with things. Often people get called white knights on here and it is undeserved but we are getting pretty close to the line now.

    Not sure who thought it was a good idea to reward a small percentage of players for seemingly no good reason.

    There are many issues and I am not even sure I could list them off the top of my head. Here is a quick go.

    (1) Giving out free drafts gives the impression that it is needed to keep the draft queues going. Yes drafts firing is a good thing, but if we are still having to give out free drafts a year down the line then the game is not healthy. This is my main concern.

    (2) Non pro player tiers already got given a year of free drafts to make them more attractive. Giving them an extra 6 months of free drafts is a huge amount of compensation for missing features that they backed for. What about the value of cards that is being protected?

    (3) What about the other people at lower tiers missing features? Why do they not get compensated are they less important? Does the amount of stuff they got seem comparable to what the $250 tiers got?

    (4) We need to be removing mentions of kickstarter from the game, not bringing it up and giving them more. Kickstarter was great for funding the project but now new people are often put off when they see at as they feel they have missed out and/or cant compete with it. Now a new player will see this and wonder where their free drafts are and struggle when we try to explain cards having value and therefore not being able to give out free drafts.

    (5) People that came after the kickstarter that have put in close to or more than $250. They kickstarters set up the shop, without them there might not be a game, most people are aware of this. The guys who turned up after though are the ones keeping the shop running. Where is the loyalty/rewards for them?

    Yeah that's about it for now lol

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    People hand waving away players who are upset because "life isn't fair" is pretty silly.

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    I have to say i agree with gazz, I'm not thinking of overall fairness (hey you gambled $250, congrats you did good...I was happy enough getting in on Slacker Backer and the 12 month VIP deal) but the perception it gives to someone looking to try the game out.

    New players are what is needed to grow this game as the straight and narrow is people quit games so need to be replaced at a faster rate than they quit in order for a game to grow.

    Hex already has a ton against it in terms of growing (i.e. slow development, lawsuit which doesn't go to trial until 2016 so uncertain future, Powerful competitors who are developing all the time, Hearthstone just went mobile, and already very well established) so the last thing it needs is for a potential new customer to go "Oh I see, someone else's money is STILL worth more than mine 2 years later....I guess life isn't fair and I'll go and play a game where my money's worth the same as someone else's"

    I was actually hoping when I saw the 6 month thing that HexEnt were going to announce that you could buy 6 months of drafts at a discounted rate, which I'd be all over but instead my reaction was "oh, ok". That's NOT the type of reaction you want from someone visiting your website for the 1st time to see what's up

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    Build it, and they will come.
    I don't have a problem with it on the whole, but agree that it could be problematic to do more of this sort.

    To me it seems like a strategy to get people back in and playing regularly because that mechanism isn't really in yet with the mmo portion the whole funding system is all in the pvp, an there are other competing products in that market, so its all kind of hard to say that its a bad deal for the game, for them to not try to draw people back in.

    bleh I'm tired

    in general I just think its an attempt to do something to revamp the kickstarters who're most invested and get them back in and spending, but if they feel tapped on the game then thats that, and its now a matter of figuring out where to get more money.

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    Does not speak well to the health of the game

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    This is a two-edged sword.

    I love the fact that Cryptozoic cares about their userbase, and actually does something to ease the pain for the extra wait-time. However, it is to be expected that a lot of people who have been supporting the game just as long as the 250+ kickstarts, feel a tad left out. A line have to drawn somewhere, and in this case it makes sense to restrict the benefits to a smaller population of the playbase - my reasoning: many of the 250+ backers are stand-up citizens and are in my experience extremely kind, open and great at helping new players such as myself. By giving these guys extra there is a greater chance that they might let something slip through the cracks that might help us at the bottom. As soon as a game introduces a currency there will always be inaquality, which I think it totally fair given that they have made a bigger gamble. Life.

    ..also, as mentioned Drafts fires more often (even though that that will be with veterans in it - which might provide hardcore for new players). The only way I see having decreased the negative impact of this is by giving all backer a free draft, or something similar to remove the focus the gain of those who already gained a lot.

    I believe the issue regarding new players lies in the mentioning of "Kickstarter" - so if a new player asks how, or why you have all those great cards. Try to avoid mentioning Kickstarter as that can be interpreted as they missed out of something and can't be part of the race

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