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Thread: Will set3 also bring new PvP Champions?

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    Will set3 also bring new PvP Champions?

    I'm hyped so hyped for Set3 hopefully it comes with new PvP Champions aswell!

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    The answer to that question is a firm 'probably'. So far every new set ever made (set 2) has given us new champs. I expect that since this starts a new block we'll see more new champs than we saw with set 2... But it could be that they're happy with champs and don't change them. Though I find that to be the much less likely outcome.
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    I'd expect so, if simply because Vennen and Elves are ticking over with the absolute minimum of champion representation - not very flavourful when they are 2 of the focal races in Armies of Myth.

    Of course any new champions could wind up being duds/extremely-niche and we'll all play the old ones anyway, but I think they'll at least have a punt on making a thematic champion for each race.

    We might see the first champs disappear from PvP rotation if more are added, though I think it wouldn't be hard to spot the weak link in each shard.

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    Vorsa brings up a lot of good points.

    I feel that new champs are likely, for points already mentioned, but I also feel as if there will eventually, probably sooner rather than later, start being a 'rotation' of PvP-legal champions or else they'll literally stop releasing them - due to the learning curve each one represents, especially in typical drafting, in my opinion.

    A rarely mentioned aspect of players learning to draft for the first time is building a deck with the considerations of what champions exist, and furthermore, which champions are powerful enough to build around, or which are, in context, of a particular strength. I remember my first ever 1-1-1 draft and being overwhelmed by a Feather Drifting deck, whilst I was trying to play a more control-ey game without realizing that even though there weren't too many fliers (especially at common) in the set, there was a champ that could build around it anyway. Zared Venomscorn is a champion that doesn't seem to have too strong an ability, until the amount of 1-toughness creatures that are played in practice are highlighted.

    Even in normal constructed deckbuilding (but particularly for limited formats) adding more champions that have a consistent, important impact on a deck's performance, strategy and gameplay increases the initial learning curve for new players, and increases the likelihood that they'll be overwhelmed. In addition, if we continually get ever-legal new champions, then it becomes harder to predict the opposition's strategy and build decks to counter others and prepare against others - in draft especially - when dozens and dozens and dozens of potential champions are leading the decklists, even from experienced players.

    Ramping up the champion numbers with no limitations or restrictions will lead to ever-shrinking design space as well as dangerous strategic implications and marketing (At least, in the principle of keeping new players interested and not overwhelmed or disheartened) concerns.

    As for my actual predictions (complete conjecture):

    -Set 3 will release a small number of new champions, perhaps one for each color. From then on, new champions will only be in sets if some older champions are rotated out of legal use for play, Draft, Sealed and Constructed all. All champions ever made will still be PvE legal. Several sets into the future, multi-colored champions may be released.

    This would extend the status quo as we know it, but I still maintain that they will soon stop releasing new champions, or if they do, they would rotate old ones out.


    -Set 3 will release a large number of champions, at least 15, with all champions legal for Constructed, but only set 3 champions legal for draft/sealed (given that we know that drafts will be set 3-3-3. They may not want the format to be warped around the availability of certain prior champions, such as Sir Giles Rowan). Future rotations, even in constructed, may occur with further sets. Several sets into the future, multi-colored champions may also be released.

    This would create a major shake-up, dramatically shift the limited environment, but also involves much more playtesting and risk (one champion may warp the format with its unforeseen power level). If something like this does occur, I wouldn't be surprised to see 'new' champions have abilities extremely close to existing ones, to conserve design space and balance. For example, a Giles-Rowan-esque tribal ability, but perhaps +1/+1 at the requirement of 6 or 7 charges, perhaps in Wild. Or another champion that simply heals you, but at a different amount and for a different number of charges than our current (and perhaps in Diamond). Or a sapphire champion that "Troops you control get flying this turn" for 6 or so charges as an alternative to Feather Drifting.
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    good post Yewstance.

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    I think the developers are creative enough to deliver 5 new champions with each new set. They did a pretty good job with new creative Heroes for WOW TCG.

    My guess is that future champions, once ideas run low, will have charge powers that match new mechanics / keywords introduced with the set. I hope we are 5-6 sets from that day, but I fully anticipate 1 new Champion for each shard with each set.

    One interesting example from WOW TCG, is they had one set that was faction based - Neutrals and Demons, and had Heroes with neutral deck building rules. This could be similar for Hex by having "artifact" champions that have no threshold requirements for their charges. Many many potential options, that will still offer PVP stability.

    Also, they can rotate old PvP champions out if they so choose.
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    I think the existing ones need rebalancing, first. Like compare Palamedes to Giles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gwaer View Post
    The answer to that question is a firm 'probably'. So far every new set ever made (set 2) has given us new champs. I expect that since this starts a new block we'll see more new champs than we saw with set 2... But it could be that they're happy with champs and don't change them. Though I find that to be the much less likely outcome.
    You evidence is based on a one-time event so far...that seems like a very silly thing to base your entire agurment on don't you think? Considering that the new champions are completely over powered and need a nerf badly I don't se there being new champs for awhile. There will most likely not be new champions as they take time to balance with all cards not just limited cards. They have said as much.

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    The champions are tied to the set... I foresee the champions being rotated out when the sets get rotated out and getting some champions each set release... it is a good way to shake up the meta, and they can rotate the champs back in with the same or different abilities in a future set or even the one that is causing them to rotate out but they are definitely tied to the sets themselves.

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