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    Unhappy Crossover Pack 2's release date

    Yesterday, I found out that Crossover Pack 2: Arrow isn't releasing until Q3. Not only is that a long time, but it pushes back the rest. This means Watchmen won't be out till Q1 2016. This was posted on Cryptozoic's Twitter. This makes me pretty sad. This is easily my group's most played game, but we're getting tired of the same experience. We love this game. However, we want more and we want it fast. What are some of your favorite competitive variants? Any good unofficial expansions? Would love a new experience. Thanks.
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    Arrow is on track for Q3 July.
    Watchmen will be Q1 2016, not Q4.
    Matt Hyra
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    That's what I meant. My bad.

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    That's a shame, I likely won't be buying Crossover Pack: Arrow because of the art difference and complete disinterest, and I hate that it's next. I was already disappointed with the drop in quality of Crossover Pack #1 (Doctor Fate and Wildcat's weird art, Doctor Fate's terribly explained effect, and Dr Mid Nite looking like an anime character) and the grammar mistakes in Rivals (Joy Buzzer's non-attack attack that still reads "That foe").

    My entire group is too excited for Teen Titans, and I still love the game, but I really hope these irreversible mistakes are weened out of the game.
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    ...and the hate rolls in. I am actually excited about the new projects they are working on. The crossover packs are great from my perspective as they cut down on what people were complaining about the most: Starter's and Weaknesses. Now I may be a little biased with the Arrow pack since I enjoy the show , but the nice thing is you don't have to buy every pack so I think it is fine for Crypt (can I call it Crypt?) to take a leap of faith every now and then. Yes there have been some hickups along the way, but I myself have not been detracted from playing the game by any of them. I know releases getting pushed back is a pain but at least Crypt making an effort to keep consumers informed about what is coming up in the future (who else would tell you what their next 4 releases in a game series are?). Mistakes happen... If you don't make mistakes, you aren't tying hard enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BenJazz View Post
    can I call it Crypt?
    A lot of us say "Crypto."
    Nathaniel Yamaguchi
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    so crossover pack 1 saw a lot of support for punches (thank god), will crossover pack 2 see a lot of explicit kick support? XD

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    Does Arrow Kick a lot of people?
    Nathaniel Yamaguchi
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    Well he does have a weakness when it comes to love interests... Will he gain a weakness every time a player uses a female character? lol j/k

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    I was so excited for tten titans this year but i wont complain bcuz i love this game too much and im just glad they are continuing to support it with new packs and box.sets.

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