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Thread: (Arena) can't progress into a game after coin toss

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    (Arena) can't progress into a game after coin toss

    Your Display Name: PTGMach
    Bug Description: "Draw Again" does nothing except make the click sound, "Keep Hand" cycles through both players and then renews the pop-up.
    Steps to Reproduce: ?
    Frequency: if i've ever seen this before, it's been a long time.
    Additional Information:
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    i tried closing the client and restarting it, i tried logging out w/out restarting the client. tried progressing with [Spacebar], couldn't interact with graveyards (as they're both still empty), no gain from Void or the Turn Stop dialogue.

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    I've seen this occasionally as well, but we've never been able to reproduce it in any kind of reliable fashion. As far as I'm aware, it's some kind of server connection problem, where the client thinks it's still connected but it's either not, or too lagged for the server to respond, so it gets stuck in a cycle.

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