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Thread: Looking serious players for future testings

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    Looking serious players for future testings

    Hellow everyone! I'm looking for mates/team for testings for future major events. And just for fun playing
    I got full card play set and have a huge tcg experience.
    my current achievments: Winner HTPCS July (116), Top 4 HTO Brigaddon (48), Top 8 HTO August (67)
    but do better solo is hard.
    Add me in game nick Elademri or write me at my facebook page

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    Hi Elademri,

    i just send you a friend request and would love to playtest with you.

    Hex is my first my first TCG, but i am playing it since alpha and i am considering me a decent player. I have not a complete playset, but i can acquire all cards when needed.

    I live in Germany thats CET Timezone (UTC+1)

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    If you guys are interested, The Lions Share guild always has open doors, and we definitely have some dedicated players - of the three who made it into the Cup of Fate invitational today, 2 placed in the top 32, and BlackRoger actually went on to win the entire tournament!

    Plus we are very friendly and fairly active, and playtesting is usually in higher demand in the guild chat than we can offer some days. If either of you are interested, my sig links directly to the forums - feel free to make an account and introduce yourselves even if you don't decide to stick around.
    Xenavire, proud guild leader for The Lions Share.

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    y, i am interested. Can you tell how to find someone in your guild for playing?)
    Mb you have any voice or what topic on your forum should i use?

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    Usually asking in the chatbox and waiting a few minutes does the trick (although today is Sunday, directly after a major event, so it may just be dead right now.) Otherwise, there was a thread about getting a playgroup ready that might have some room open, I will find the thread and link it in a bit.

    We do have a teamspeak but it hasn't seen a huge amount of use lately. Should be an easy fix though, almost everyone in the guild had a headset or mic, so just telling them to get on TS should be enough. I'll have to get Fabri to make the TS easier to use too.

    And finally - we don't actually have strict rules about joining, at least not yet, since our growth has basically been on an invite only basis (we haven't exactly had people banging our doors down, although Roger taking the fate cup may change that.) So for now, if you want in, tell me that you are staying, and you will be added to the guild roster. Nice and simple simple.
    Xenavire, proud guild leader for The Lions Share.

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    Nerfed Baby Yeti AA
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    No strict rules? What about the 5000p entry fee? The requirement of having 500 or more AA's? The Requirement requiring dragon lord or higher KS tier?

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    Gabe, I swear, not the best place to be joking around, you will scare them off!

    Anywhoo, here is the direct link to the team thread.

    Not quite the same, since it was for the wild cup, but it shows that we are up for testing etc. Feel free to just make a new thread instead of posting there, would be a lot more accurate.
    Xenavire, proud guild leader for The Lions Share.

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    Hi hexfriend !
    I would be more than happy to play with/agaisnt you
    My IGN AlSayf

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