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Thread: 50th Generalís Tent Celebration!!!

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    50th Generalís Tent Celebration!!!

    [B]The 50th episode of the General's Tent will be THIS WEEK: Wednesday July 1st starting at 4:00pm Pacific time.

    Just over a year ago the two of us started doing a joint webcast on twitch where we discuss weekly news throughout the game and within its community. Since then we eventually started doing the show on a weekly basis and even made our way onto the Wednesday slot of the official Hex TCG twitch stream. Now that you have some small idea about what we’re about why don’t we talk about what is in store for our 50th episode.

    When: July 1st from 4:00pm-9:00pm Pacific Time
    Who: Funktion & Mokog plus special guest Tyler James (Art Director for Hex) (be sure to reply here and let us know if you have any questions you'd like us to ask)

    As I mentioned earlier, each week we review any news & updates for Hex but that’s not the only thing we do. We also have multiple topics which we engage the audience for further input. We open a pack of cards and analyze the contents for draft as well as flavor draft. Last but not least we have giveaways (more on that later). This celebration stream will be no exception, but we will also be bringing back a few viewer favorite segments:

    -Flavor Draft: It is about time we do this again, last time we did was a ton of fun. During flavor draft we don’t care at all about how good our deck is. Instead, we are just looking to build a deck that tells a story (probably a very wacky story).
    -Mental Hex: Sure, we might be able to play hex in game with the cards… but how are we at playing Hex with our MINDS!!! (disclaimer: Funktion is absolutely not a cheater, that definitely never happened, I don’t know what you’re talking about)

    Alright, so now what about those giveaways we mentioned. We’ve been hard at work assembling a dragon’s hoard of treasure. Not only have we been busy gathering a stash of super sweet stuff to giveaway but we’ve also graciously received donations from the likes of:

    Threshold_Matt /

    The Dragon’s Hoard currently contains:

    • 134 Set 1 Boosters
    • 20 Set 2 Boosters
    • 2 Set 1 Primal packs
    • Slamvolt Merc
    • Rakashani Merc
    • 2x Brosi-Buk Merc
    • AA Buccaneer sleeve code
    • AA Cerulean Mirror Knight
    • 2x AA Goremaster
    • 2x AA Cluckodon
    • AA Jovial Pippit
    • 4x AA Concubunny
    • Physical Hex shirt
    • 108,000 Gold
    • Miscellaneous pve cards and equipment

    Alright, with all that done we just want to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who has tuned into our show so far, we’ve really enjoyed putting this together and it is always awesome to see familiar faces in chat. Also thanks to the other streamers out there who regularly tune in and are just all around awesome members of the community. Finally, we would be totally remiss if we didn’t take this chance to say another huge thanks to two particular people:
    -Nero_Jinous: who has always been incredibly supportive of our show!
    -Colin: not sure what else there is to say that hasn't been said already; regardless, I'll say it again. Thanks for everything buddy.
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    Drew - you can give away 100 Set 1 packs on my behalf.

    Congratulations on 50 episodes!
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    Quote Originally Posted by hex_colin View Post
    Drew - you can give away 100 Set 1 packs on my behalf.

    Congratulations on 50 episodes!
    That Escalated quickly! Thanks Colin!

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    Incredible, the post was only live for all of what... 13.6 seconds? Colin inspires MUCH more than just "that troop gets all socketed powers of this"!
    Visit Youtube: FunktionFails & Twitch: FunktionFails for hex based videos, articles and more.
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    I am throwing a Hex T-shirt into the pot.

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    <3 the tent and the consistent content yall provide.

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    Do you actually mean July? Because that's still way off from now

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    I rarely have time to watch streams and I think it's kinda archaic to go back to the time of television, where you cannot watch content when you want. HOWEVER, I f***g love me some wacky theme drafts though, so I might try to make this one. Do you have to follow or subscribe to be eligible for the giveaways? I really don't know how these things even work.

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    For people in different timezones:
    PDT: 16.00-21.00
    EDT: 19.00-00.00
    CEST: 01.00-06.00 (on July 2nd)
    Sydney time: 09.00-14.00 (on July 2nd)

    That's assuming that by PST you still mean daylight saving time that is in effect right now (PDT).

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    hm.. Not a good time for Europe
    I ll have to watch the video the next day on twitch.

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