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Thread: Community Reveal: Set 3 Art - EIGHTH ROUND CLOSED

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    Community Reveal: Set 3 Art - EIGHTH ROUND CLOSED

    Piece 6 was unlocked and the star was hiding behind it! Time to vote for the next piece.

    We're also doing a giveaway with this voting. In order to enter you must vote AND post! Five (5) Lucky winners will be randomly selected to win two (2) Set 2: Shattered Destiny Booster Packs, delivered via forum PM in the form of two codes. HOWEVER... One of the pieces now has a star hidden behind it. IF THE STAR IS FOUND.... I will randomly select ten (10) winners for the next round!

    Winners of the last round were:


    PMs will been sent to all winners with the booster pack codes redeemable in the store.

    EDIT: Found the lost poll!
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    I'm going with 11. I wanna see that crystal this time.

    EDIT: Wait, where's the poll?

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    im go with 2
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    Vote 11 or else othuyeg will stare at you from the abyss and you'll feel all icky
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    Needs more poll. Also, 1 is clearly where the star is hiding.

    ETA : Poll here, vote logged!
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    14, people! There has to be something exciting in that top row.
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    Came to vote 1. was sorely disappointed.

    Edit: Was able to vote 1 all is right with the world again.
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    #10 for the star, my good mercator
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