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Thread: Looking to join/create Guild focusing on sealed events

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    Looking to join/create Guild focusing on sealed events

    Hey, I'm looking for a group of people interested in playing scheduled sealed and special sealed events. I'd either be interested in forming a new Guild or joining an existing one. I've no interest in any leadership positions however, so if we formed a new one someone else would have to fill that role.

    I've been promoting scheduled sealed events in the general forum, offering incentives to people that sign up in the hopes that more people will start playing sealed regularly without needing a carrot offered to them. Way too early to say if this will be a successful strategy or not.

    Sealed is a fun, neglected format, with a much better payout than competitive draft that more than makes up for what most people perceive as an increased luck factor in competitive play. It also has the advantage of being immune to collusion as there is no way for players to coordinate the formation of their card pools. These two factors alone make sealed the superior choice for me and I hope I can find others that feel the same way.


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    Hey Sparrow,

    I see where you are comming from, but I would say it is currently the wrong way.
    Since guilds aren't implemented it is hard to communicate.

    Maybe it would be better to form a channel in hex, a group in whatsapp or a forum to organize people...

    Maybe sort of raid calender or something.

    Just my 2 cents...
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