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Thread: The Legend of the Pool of Briggadon "Concept"

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    Alrighty update is up and this will be the second part of the story that will be apart of the main story. :P its gonna be sweet!
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    Robotic Shinhare Butcher infused with wild magic appoaches!
    Man the Battlestations.

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    Im glad to say more content was added to the story and I am pleased with how it turned out. I wonder how the swords and pendant will come into play later on ;D

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    Updates are in and man this one was something Ive been wanting to write about. :P wait till you see how it all fits together!

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    Got another update for ya, Jarakal is finally out of the prairie!

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    It was raining and the robot was twitching violently from the damp air under a ridge it had found near by. It was perplexed from the substance that was falling from overhead and was rather frightened of the vile thing. When it had awoke it was staring into the empty void of rolling clouds and could not understand the texture change that hovered above him like silent death. As soon as a single drop hit its screen it sizzled like acid against it. Which in turn made the robot panic and flee for the first sight of cover it could spot. A green spark arched into the rain with a loud thunderous clap and as if the ground was sprouting to its aid, expanded the ridge so that it was now more like in the shape of a dome with a little hole to exit from. The robot now surprised from the sudden expanse in dry quarters started to move around while it rubbed its mechanical arms as if trying to consult itself to make sure they were still attached and still functioning. When it had checked the surroundings of the enclosure with the light emitting from its screen it clapped its hand gleefully and pranced about in a wild flail as white sparks bounced about from its joints. After some time it approached the entrance to its new hut and looked at the substance still falling to the ground and looking up to the black void that hid the twinkling lights that he had come to admire and love. What ever this was he despised and feared such evil nonsense and would from this day forward call it the dark goop. Satisfied with with its renaming of rain, it turned to its enclosure and began to scrape out a living space for itself into the walls of the dome until the rain outside fell silent and sparks flew from the entrance of the dome.

    6/14/2015 Update to story, the bot found a spot and called it his home :P

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    hmm Im starting to think I need a folder or another sub thread to keep it all in one place.

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    It might be a good idea to chop up these blocks of text into a couple of smaller easier to digest paragraphs.
    And when you want to switch narratives try something like this.


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    well the only reason they are blocks is because of the word limit they give you for each post. I might need a way to get around that.

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