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Thread: GIVEAWAY - HEX's 2nd Birthday - Crazy Highlands Blackbelt Combos

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    Are PVE bonuses from challenges permitted on bosses (like +0/1 resource or +2 charges), or are challenges (like Cerebral Fulmination)?

    If a Ruby-only setup does more damage than, say, a Ruby-Wild setup, will it win the Ruby/Wild category too? Or are we required to use those cards somehow?
    No. And, no - must use R and W cards to win the RW category.
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    When you say can only use cards we know about, do you mean we as in you and I? =P
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    I also have a few questions :

    1) Do we get to manipulate random ? Example : I play Cosmic Transmogrifier, can I choose the cards that are created ?
    2) If we play Mastery of Time on Turn 4, do we have two turn 4 or is our next turn 'turn 5' ?
    3) Do we get challenges in the arena ?
    4) If we do fatal damage on turn 3, can we still play our turn 4 ?
    5) Can we submit as many entries as we want ?
    6) If we are using a currently bugged card, do we play it with or without the bug ?

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    Entry incoming

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    Question (too late for me, but oh well); can we assume that the opponent has X-1 health, where X is the total health damage dealt? Because otherwise might not make it to turn four...

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    Umm Colin, My email might take roughly 2 days to write... it pretty much involves infinite damage, Could we like discuss this over skype? I really dont know if i could type it all out, and I really have no idea how much damage would actually be dealt

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    I sent in entries for mono ruby PvP, and R/S Pve

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    I submitted my entry for PVP - RW. I hope we can do entry for other categories, i would like to give a try on an other combination.

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    For specific color challenges, can I use an off-color champion? For example, if I want to do the Ruby/Diamond challenge, can I use a sapphire champion? What about artifacts?

    EDIT: What about gems? Can I use different threshold gems as long as I only use cards of the correct colors?

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    Sent in a PVE Ruby/Sapphire entry.

    Edit: Which became invalidated when you updated the AI champion passive to always assume the worst result. So much for infinite Storm Cloud Stormlings from Seaweed Behemoth procs getting Cosmic Transmogrified into Highlands Blackbelts.
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