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Thread: PvE Card Designation

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    PvE Card Designation

    So I've seen a few new players be confused on the demarcation of PvE cards and one thing I think would help is to move the crown symbol on the left corner to the area where the set symbol is and have PvE cards have their own unifying set symbol.

    For the PvE cards that you can get from Wheel of Fate or Chests you can put the set symbol in the upper left corner where the PvE symbol currently is.

    This way the PvE designation is where most people are looking first since we are used to looking for the set and rarity type primarily.

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    At the very least the fungus off the wheel of fate should have the shattered destiny comet on them to designate where they came from.

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    What might also be helpful is if you zoom in on a card then there's a "PvE card" popup text or something clarifying. Maybe it already does that but I haven't noticed?

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