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Thread: Calling all Vanity Cards

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    Calling all Vanity Cards

    I have always had a curiosity of who is featured on what cards and if there is any kind of back story to what you may have chosen. I recently received my Vanity card and couldn't have been more happy as to the outcome of the product. HXE never ceases to amaze at their talents and quality behind everything they do.

    I would like to know:

    Who are you?

    What is your backstory?

    Well here I am...

    Warlock of Aettir

    Ęttir (ush tee er) is the name of the lead character in a game design I have had in the back of my mind for quite some time. The name originates from the oldest form of runic alphabets known as the elder futhark. The alphabet is divided into three divisions of eight, comprised of the first ętt, second ętt and the third ętt, known as ęttir.

    The character is reanimated between the two realms of the living and the dead amongst the gods. Ęttir has bare witness to the secret of immortality guarded by the gods during his reanimation. Set out to become a God himself he must travel between the spirit and material realms in search of souls. The key to his immortality lie directly within the aether of the soul and fueled by sin. The material realm is where the gods return as mortals, to harvest the souls of those who commit sins, to extend and strengthen their immortality in the spiritual realm.

    Thank you CZE/HXE for an amazing experience and journey throughout the creation of the card and I could not be more impressed at how well you could harvest my soul into immortalizing Hex.
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    I own 46 of you on test server, I guess that makes me your master Kappa

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    Can we see the picture the art was drawn from.

    Im always interested to see how well they capture it.

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    Here's a poor drivers license pic
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    damn, you look badass on that card! grats!
    IGN: Noise

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    Nice that you share this with us. Really appreciated. I would love, if all owner of vanity cards reveal them

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    Your card is a nice counter to single removal. If they select it with a burn, you can buff up. If they murder another troop, you can get a blocking buff.

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    I love your card Boss! I actually think ours combo well together

    I too am ever-so thankful and excited to be able to be a permanent fixture within the world of Hex. The journey here has been surreal. Understandably so, I've been anxiously awaiting the moment the likeness card was to be viewed within game... and the moment was so worth it! I feel like I'm 8 years old again <3

    I know a lot of hands have played a role, and want to sincerely thank everyone! The name, mechanics, and even the equipment have me wanting to thank the staff many times over. As I know just a single person came up with the flavor text, a special thanks goes to Loregoyle--you really outdid yourself there... and my name is cleverly in it!!!

    I am stoked to see all the faces that met at the Dragon Lord Dinner. Hopefully all the Vanity cards will be identified as it will be fun to check them all out!!!

    Stok3d Card:

    One of the Pics sent:

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    Nice card! You must be pretty... stoked about it.

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    I am a feeble common card lol!

    But boy the Art is beautiful!
    The Psionic Acolyte is a Necrotic who's using poor Rana's body. Rana Dune once was a human.
    I love that my name is mentioned in the flavor text! This has definitely been a fun experience.

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