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    496 packs, 10 primals

    For what it's worth, I wasn't seeking to crow or complain. I was just skimming through this sub-forum to see if anything interesting related to the test server popped up.

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    Oh, and if I include the packs I won: add 6 packs: 0 primals

    Hopefully they reset the plat again for tomorrow, and I'll test again.

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    I bought a mere 80 packs, and had 3 primals.

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    150 Set 3 Packs, 0 Primals.

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    Another reason why this thread is incredibly highly likely biased:

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    your results are all incorrect, you have Nickon listed at 3 primals when he wrote he earned 14

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    100 Packs - 2 Primals. So exactly 2% for me

    Id like to apologize for the above statement. I commented in a very juvenile and offensive way that rightfully angered some posters. I regret it and sincerely apologize.


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    Quote Originally Posted by poizonous View Post
    your results are all incorrect, you have Nickon listed at 3 primals when he wrote he earned 14
    Yes, I noticed when going over everything again, thanks.

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    Since we need some more data, I bought 45 packs to go with the 5 from a draft on Friday - 3 primals spawned.
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    Got to log on today and spend the last of my plat, so you can add in 352 boosters, which proc'd 7 primals. Right on the dot for 2%, too.

    Set 3 boosters, if anyone cares.
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