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Thread: I just lost the finals (draft) to a guy with two Sights of the Sun

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    I just lost the finals (draft) to a guy with two Sights of the Sun

    I just needed to share that. I crackling bolted the first one and they drop another next turn.

    Wish I had taken a screenshot...

    Did anyone draft 3 Reese somehow or something?... I'm curious.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bombs View Post
    That lucky son of a gun X-)
    I dont even have one yet. lol

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    I once had a Zakiir and EG rutherford/crazed rummaging charge based draft deck. My opponents were not too pleased to see both played on the same turn

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    I fought someone a while back who got both Zeedu and Zakiir. They got both on the board at the same time, too. Needless to say, I lost.
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    Best I've seen is an opponent who had Reese, Mastery of Time, and Master Moss in draft...

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    I had double zeedu in a sealed once which I'm not complaining about and they did good but its not exactly the scariest thing ever. I played a guy who had killipede and angel once.

    My friend who will from now on to the end of time be known as captain lucksack had a draft where he got 2 vampire king and a soul marble.
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    I once got 2 Zakiir in a Draft or Sealed...ironically enough I won the tournament without using either of them...although I would have them in my hand sometimes though, but just didn't need to put them in play due to already having enough of a board advantage.

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    I once had two Zakirs

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    I obtained my 4th AoD and Vampire King in the same draft.

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