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    Yeah, Same just happened to me. Womp.

    Edit: And now it's fixed!
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    Won match 1
    Won match 2
    Won match 3
    Won game 1, round 4
    A turn before winning game 2, round 4, I get this visual bug:


    I simply could not remove the shard from my screen, and could not click or zoom in on the creatures underneath it critical to me winning.

    To fix it, I relog, but the game doesn't load properly ("KEEP NAME of (GUILD)" for both players, no cards or anything). I wait a minute, then relog again. I'm not auto-dropped back in, until a few minutes have passed, at which point I find myself in game 3, having been given the game loss. I lost game 3 by a hair, hindered by further visual bugs.

    With my winrate no longer sufficient for the draft at the end following a loss - my entire energy is gone.

    I said it in chat and I'll say it here. If they actually stand by their original reward structure, 50 packs to the 'winner', I'm just going to laugh and laugh and laugh. At absolute, ABSOLUTE minimum, 100 participants lost one or more matches to gamebreaking bugs outside of their control. I suspect its actual vastly higher than that - the actual majority. Of course, most or all of the current undefeated players have experienced no such gamebreaking bugs (at least on their side of the board), enabling them to get such a winrate through lady luck seeing fit to give them the opportunity to play games.

    A flat payout to all participants seems much more fair than any other other. Though frankly, regardless of a couple of petty packs, a dollar or two worth, I'm kicking myself over the idiocy of actually wasting so many hours for my drop-in-the-ocean contribution to this test. Never again.

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    well, it's the test server, and the most rewarding thing to see, after 2 years of waiting for where we are at today, is that the test tournament with more than 700 people successfully launched, and most everyone was able to easily play round 1.
    The time commitment comes with a contingency - we know we are helping them test. The end goal is to have a working tournament, but our personal player goals may differ. If one person gets a butt ton of packs thats great, but I don't think anyone here is going to say that individual "deserved" it. Bitterness and Luck blaming is always part of this game. Server luck is still luck

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    someone somewhere will face 8 AFK opponents and win 50 packs.

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    I'm pretty sure the idea behind the 50 packs for first was to try and convince people to stay in and play, you know to try and minimize those AFK opponents as much as possible. May or may not have been effective.

    I'm having fun with it, despite a few crashes and assorted client goofiness. Mainly I was here to see how much better it was than last time, (amazingly so), and to help them collect data to hopefully improve it further. I'm okay with no prizes.

    That said, I know people are here with different motivations, and it sucks for anyone getting frustrated. Hopefully either this with whatever data they gather will be enough to push live, (if the test server is still much lower in resources than the live, it may be good enough as is depending on where the problems are), or the next stress test will be even better.

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    I've bugged on 5/7 rounds thus far. No idea how many rounds I've won/lost even. For all I know, I will have spent 10 hours stress testing as a masochist.

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    At this point I think they are just trying to see if the 8 man draft will fire when the 10 rounds are done with this many people.

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    I think mine finally just crashed on round 10

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    10 rounds of frustration:
    5 actual games played.
    Lost all of my first games of each round to a connection bug, except round 1 and oddly round 9.
    reconnected over 30 times.
    10 hours of my time
    = 1 pack

    Farm the arena for 2 hours. Have fun, 3 runs complete
    = 1pack
    x 5 = 10 hours = 5packs

    hmmm.... me thinks I made a poor decision?

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    I played at least 1 game in all 10 rounds. I got 7-3 overall and only lost 1 round to bugging out, though i lost 4 games to various bugs. The no hand bug is pretty brutal. I am pretty tired after a whole day of playing Hex. Overall it was pretty fun and got lots of house cleaning done between rounds.

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