My later games are kind of blurred together, I was able to stay in and play, but not keep my whole focus on the game. I know there wasn't a single round I played that I didn't get to play at least one game despite the issues. Over all I was very impressed with the improvements. Honestly, based on prior tests, I'm surprised the tournament managed to launch successfully at all, with over 700 players. The fact that it ran through to a top 8 is just amazing in terms of progress made since the last one.

I'd also like to apologize to any opponents I had in the last round or two of the swiss that got stuck waiting for me to time out. I had gone to a friends house to help them with some statistics homework and was playing by remoting into my desktop at home using my laptop for the last couple rounds I actually played. Unfortunately I didn't realize I had forgotten to toss my power cord in the bag with the laptop until it was shutting down due to a dying battery. Not sure if there were one ore two rounds of swiss left at that point, and my desktop was disconnected from the game, and I'm guessing the server shutdown by the time I got home. So I have no idea if I was disconnected, or just AFK during the last round or two, so sorry to anyone paired against me, I know it's irritating to stare at the screen waiting.