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    Stress Tournament results / notes

    Didn't see a thread for this, so I figured I'd start one.

    How is the stress tournament going for everyone else?

    Seems to be working for me, it launched, I got a deck builder, moving cards was a bit laggy, but workable. I built and saved a deck, my first match started and showed that my opponent was choosing to play or draw. Everything looked good on my end, but I won twice by my opponent timing out, so either they were AFK or they had some issues.

    and just to add I got an awesome pool, I never get card like this on the live server.....

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    Wow, with a pool like that you might just go mono blood.
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    Nice work on the tourney launching and all.
    Unfortunetally it's been super laggy for me.
    And on my second game my opponent attacked, I blocked, and then received damage as if nothing was blocked and died.

    I had my fill of the test server, gl to all who decide to keep at it.
    May your games not be as lagy as mine.

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    I was surprised how smooth it went, could login fine, could build my deck fine, could play fine, but then I clicked rankings on the tournament page and whole game froze.

    ps I got horrible packs, a pact of pain was only decent rare. lost first match and now game seems stuck.
    but at least get a real pack on live server so I am still very happy
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    Seems to have locked up after game 1 unfortunately. Oh well!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aradon View Post
    Wow, with a pool like that you might just go mono blood.
    I didn't, but yeah it was considered :-}

    I went blood/ruby, less ruby than blood, but could also build a sapphire/wild, or diamond/sapphire/ruby humans deck and would have been happy playing either, usually on live sealed games I've struggled to find enough cards to fill out one deck without playing things just as filler, this pool there were at least three decks just wanting to be played.

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    Did an ok draft for a newb (got megahulk?)
    - match started
    - opponent most likely crashed
    - i won 2 games by waiting for the timer to run it's course

    Menu after round 1:
    - got bored and clicked on rankings
    - client froze
    - when client unfroze and i clicked anything client froze again
    - client is now permanently frozen

    edit: after 20 or so minutes i decided to restart the client. Upon entering the game it booted me back into the tournament with all of the other players. Round 1 is still not finished.

    edit 2:
    - round 2 started
    - client started to be unresponsive without me doing anything
    - got loaded into match 2
    - game was very laggy
    - had a very nice game.

    edit 3:
    - round 3 started
    - played first match and lost
    - made some adjustments to my deck and saved it with 30seconds left to go
    - it said deck was saved
    - game froze up
    - restarted and reloged
    - now i have >1 minute lag, nothing happens after a minute only the current time ingame adjusts itself
    - i should have reconnected to the game because there was less than 5 minutes before opponent automatically wins. I guess the hamsters have finally kicked the bucket.
    - after some time match 2 started

    edit 4:
    - round 4 started
    - couldn't see my cards
    - drew a card, could see that card, couldn't play anything (i guess i was unlucky and got no shards)
    - discard phase, couldn't discard a card, not even the one i drew ( it wasn't crossed out with red when you have to discard )
    - conceded the match
    - lost second match, was lagging as hell

    edit 5:
    - round 5 started
    - played all 3 matches
    - no major hickups (sideboarding didn't crash the game this time around)
    - still huge lag

    edit 6:
    - round 6 started
    - when i should be matched with opponent the game froze
    - kept reconnecting
    - reconnected to the game but both me and my opponent were "of the guild" or something like that
    - match ended don't know in whose favour
    - we entered sideboarding
    - match 2 started, opponent probably also has connection issues

    edit 7:
    - round 7 started
    - was reloging constantly because the client was lagging 1-3 minutes behind
    - during one of those relogs round 7 started and i couldn't reconnect to the game
    - loged in during sideboarding, cards didn't load properly so i couldn't change them
    - during second sideaboarding i could change the cards
    - this was the laggiest round yet. Opponents time counted down, then it went back up by a minute.

    I'll have to drop out here since it's almost 4am. Had a blast playing, had a dream play mimebot on megahulk, and got to play both of them, they never came into the play though. I enjoyed testing this event, hopefully you got a lot of usefull data.

    Good luck to all other that still participate.
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    Won match 1, then this.

    Menu after round 1:
    - got bored and clicked on rankings
    - client froze
    - when client unfroze and i clicked anything client froze again
    - client is now permanently frozen[/QUOTE]

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    round 2 starting in 1 minute now

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    My opponent seems to be AFK. Either that or the whole thing died.

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