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    Wild Root Dancer champion passive, cards not shown

    Similar to the problem with lixil and threshhold selection - the troops in your deck are not visible, just the outlines, have to guess which is which.

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    This is happening a lot. It happens with the Shrine of Prosperity challenge, and Oakhenge Ceremony, too.

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    Seems to be a general problem as Shards of Fate does the same for me. Royal Herald would probably therefore have it as well.

    ... seems like every "select a card" card does this.
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    Shardcall after Patch

    before the patch, shardcall just played the shard, now after patch it behaves totally strange

    sometimes it shows only blanks (and only 4) sometimes it shows the 5 colours totally normal
    sometimes it creates the shard totally normal and sometimes (in most of the cases for me) just nothings happens

    already played a ressource this turn, already have the colour, not having the colour, all doesnt matter (at least i got every case once, when the shard was created and was not created)

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    Shards of Fate doesn't show images of the resources

    Resolving a Shards of Fate, all I get is the frames of the Resources that you can choose from but no actual image. It's hard to pick the right Shard then.

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    Confirmed, same just happened to me.
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    happened to me also

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