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Thread: Charity Stream 2015. Wednesday 8th July - Sunday 12th July

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    Charity Stream 2015. Wednesday 8th July - Sunday 12th July

    Hey guys, making the official forum announcement of the HEX Charity stream 2015.
    This year we are raising money for Extra Life and we want you guys to help us beat the incredible amount we raised last year.
    Information about Extra Life can be found here
    Last year was a great success, we raised over $13,000 and we want to make this year even better. So we have stepped up the game, this year instead of 2 days of HEX you get 4 days and instead of 2 streamers you get 10!

    The event will begin at 00:00 UTC on Thursday 9th of July or 17:00 PDT on Wednesday 8th of July.
    To find out when this is for you, use this tool to convert the timezone.
    It will take place on the official HEX twitch stream over at

    There is a schedule which you can find here. This will be updated as we get closer to the event and things are finalised so keep a a close eye on this spreadsheet!
    This will be your one stop source to see what is happening and when.

    There will be cool events and giveaways over the course of of the 4 day HEX marathon.
    Every single hour there will be at least three giveaways. There will be free draft tickets every hour. Stardust Packages every single hour and a whole host of prizes ranging from awesome to straight up insane.

    Three winners will win the chance to skype hangout and draft with the developers of hex, play with them and ask them what you want!

    One lucky winner will be receiving a vanity card again this year. You can be immortalised as a card in the game for all time!

    We have tons of events too, gameshows, interactive chat games, guests from cryptozoic, guests from the community and a whole bunch more!

    Help us raise a bunch of money for a good cause once again good sirs!
    Give what you can, get involved and we shall see you soon!

    On top of all the prizes available during the stream there will also be a charity raffle.
    This raffle consists of community donated prizes and also some of my own.
    This is seperate to the stream giveaways and is an extra thanks to those who donate.
    The raffle will be open from Today July 4th and will go on until August 15th
    Every person who donates at least $5 to extra life during this time and leaves their in game name with their donation will be entered. Every $5 donation will give you 1 entry to every drawing.
    You must leave your in game name with your donation to be eligible, if you don't want to be entered just don't leave your in game name!

    If you would like to donate prizes to the charity raffle prize pool please send them to infamousneo in game with the subject "CHARITY RAFFLE PRIZES"

    EXTRA LIFE DONATION LINK: Go here and click "Support Me"

    CHARITY RAFFLE PRIZES (The name here is who they were donated by, some cards will come with equipment that is not listed here)

    HEX Entertainment:
    Shattered Destiny Variant GenCon 2015 Poster (Signed by the HEX team) + Sleeves

    Physical Prize Bundle x2 (3 Posters, 1 HEX T-Shirt XL, 1 HEX Stringbag)

    Shipping Provided by Cirouss

    HEX Primal (
    Playset of all set 3 commons (4x Each)
    Playset of all set 3 uncommons (4x Each)
    Set of all set 3 rares (1x Each)
    Set of all set 3 legendaries (1x Each)

    Gencon 2015 Goodies

    Princess Victoria AA, Concubunny AA x4, Replicator's Gambit AA

    Cerulean Mirror Knight AA, Sight of the Sun

    Pack Raptor AA, Replicator's Gambit AA, Extinction AA, Windborne Acolyte AA x3, Veteran Gladiator AA, Genesis Pool Naiad AA, Baby Yeti AA x2, Darkspire Punisher AA x2, Adamanthian Scrivener AA x2, Goremaster AA x2, Succulent Cluckodon AA x2, Leeching Burrower x4, Azurefate Sorceress AA, Burn AA x4, Murder AA x4, Repel AA x4, Wrathwood Colossus AA, Brutal Commaner x4, Buccaneer AA x4, Xocoy High Cleric x4 , Sapper's Charge AA x4, Survival of the Fittest AA x4, Reaper Bot x4, Scarcliff Chimera x4, Supporting Fire x4, Nori x4, Chaotic Rip x4, Fertile Engorger x4, Reality Rift x4, Legionnaire of Adamanth x4, Soul Cube x4

    GenCon 2014 Poster + Sleeve Code

    Buccaneer Sleeves x3, Set 2 Primal

    Mastery of Time, Soul Marble x4, Angel of Dawn, Vampire King

    Xenavire: Lightning Elemental x4, Adamanthian Scrivener AA x4, Reactor Bot AA x4, Spearcliff Cavalier x4, Reality Rift x4, Soul Cube x4, Wrathwood Master Moss x2, Xocoy, High Cleric

    Ozawa Cosmic Elder, Cosmic Transmogrifier, Ressurection, High Tomb Lord, The Kraken, His Majesty King Gabriel, Citadel of Adamanth, Oberon's Eulogy

    Living Totem AA, 1000 Platinum x5

    100,000 Gold x2

    Jovial Pippit Sleeves x10

    Sister Cynthia x2, Scarcliff Chimera x3, Dream Stag x3, Nori x3, Ushul, Bramble Creeper x5, Legionnaire of Adamanth x5, Construct Guild Underboss, Reaper Bot, 1000 Platinum x2

    Zeedu x4, Wrathwood Colossus AA x2, Tiaanost x4, Archmage Wrenlocke, Mon'suun, Wrathwood Master Moss, 1000 Platinum, 100,000 Gold x5

    Mon'suun, 10 Shards of Fate pack x5

    25 Shattered Destiny Pack, 1000 Platinum x3

    More to come!
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    So are you ever going to send out those remaining cards people won in last years charity stream that are outstanding?

    Edit: Thanks for getting those sent out Neo
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    Super hyped for the event and I will enjoy it a lot, especially my own schedule of course! HYPE! Looking forward to see you all in there
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    Is there going to be a single donation amount that puts you in on all the prizes like last time?

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    Quote Originally Posted by katkillad View Post
    Is there going to be a single donation amount that puts you in on all the prizes like last time?
    If so make it higher so we raise more money for Extra Life

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    Quote Originally Posted by Incindium View Post
    If so make it higher so we raise more money for Extra Life
    I think its better to get more donators than fewer giving more.
    Xenavire, proud guild leader for The Lions Share.

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