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Thread: Armies of Myth Launch Postponed

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    Armies of Myth Launch Postponed

    Hello everyone,

    I am sorry for bringing you the news so close to the announced launch date but we are going to have to postpone. There are a few bugs that we still want to address including a fairly big memory leak that does not allow us to launch on July 14th. We will be launching Armies of Myth as soon as we can after the bug is fixed so I can't give you an exact day or time yet. If we have a perfect day today then that could be as soon as tomorrow but I consider that rather unlikely. The better bet is that we will be ready next week. Thanks for your patience and we will update when we have new confirmed information.

    -Chris Lena

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    Sad, but also understandable. Do what you have to do to make it a solid release.

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    Ouch, that's rough D: Hope the bug gets fixed asap then.

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    Poor Dawson. Thanks for the info. Hurry hurry hurry!

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    I'm totally ok with this. I do want more 2/2/1 drafts. - my favorite hex streamer. Click for The Official Bone Forum

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    Thanks for the update Chris. Better to get the release as right as possible the first time. Keep squishing the bugs!

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    Better to take the time to fix a major bug like that, which would affect lots of users, then have a bad launch experience. Here's hoping you guys can get it worked out quickly! I'm sure we'll be enjoying those horrible, terrifying spiderlings in no time.

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