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    Arrow cross over pack avaliability

    Arrow has not yet hit Cool Stuff Inc (with whom I pre-ordered) so I send them an email seeing if they knew when they would receive it and here is what they said.

    "Thanks for ordering with us. Unfortunately we have not received an update for when we will be receiving this item as soon as we have this in our warehouse we will begin processing and shipping orders for it. I apologize for any confusion and/or inconvenience this may have caused. We appreciate your business and look forward to any future orders you may place."

    When I checked this morning no one was selling Arrow on/through Amazon either.

    Has there been a hang up with the distribution, or am I just looking in the wrong places.

    I know I can order it though the online store, but (and I understand why) the shipping is kinda high.


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    My local store in Canada received both Titans and Arrow on Wednesday.

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    Hey there,

    Cool Stuff Inc. doesn't buy directly from us, but actually pick up their inventory through a distributor, so unfortunately we have no way of knowing what kind of timing, quantities, etc. that they will have, or when they will have it ready to ship out. It is all dependent on the orders they place with their distributor, and how that distributor goes about fulfilling their orders. Sorry about the delay! We hate seeing that happen on new releases, but it's the nature of things sometimes with 3rd party sellers like CSI.

    Amazon is in the same boat, though we work closely with the distributor who fulfills to them and are trying to figure out what happened with those items, since their product pages are a little goofy at the moment. Said distributor definitely received all the product though, and has been shipping out to their accounts, so expect Amazon to have it available as soon as the weirdness gets ironed out.

    Lastly, as gerrymul mentioned above, hobby stores should already have it in stock as of Wednesday's street date, so if you are able to buy locally from a friendly game store, we hope you'll support them! Won't have to wait for shipping that way, either.

    If you want to check for stores in your area that might carry our games, you can use our Store Locator here:

    Hope this information helps! Thanks for your interest and support,
    Ryan Skinner

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    Thanks for the response, it clears up alot.

    I would love to get arrow at my flgs, but they don't stock much DCDB, unfortunately. I guess I will keep and eye out on Amazon and CSI and hope for the best.


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    FYI for people still waiting for more on-line purchase options.

    Miniature Market (game store out of St. Louis with strong online presence) has it up for sale $6, with a lot of shipping options.

    You can also buy it through Amazon from some store in France for $30 and they will get it to you some time in August lol

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    I just order from warstore... Haven't been shipped yet , apparently waiting for teen Titan back order... Arrow is already available lol

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