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Thread: Zodiac Shaman Useful Now?

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    Zodiac Shaman Useful Now?

    So just got equip for Zodiac Shaman

    Tap Zodiac Shaman to ready each other troop you control

    Has Zodiac Shaman become somewhat playable in arena?

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    Strong effect and since I assume the AI won't understand the ability it could really be devastating.
    At 5 resources it's way too expensive to be played in the arena though

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    Also, mimic Equip is amazing.

    Create replica troop and put it in hand, it gets tap to destroy creature with same name

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    I kept saying his time would come

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    Blood Crazed Zealot has quite a beastly item too: Chestguard of Zealotry - when he deals damage to a champion, can scarifice him to deal damage to champ or troop equal to his ATK.

    Simply attack with a Crushing Blow and the potential is awesome, particularly as the AI is likely to just chump block him...

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    He has always been useful :P
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