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Thread: Client Keeps Crashing On Card Manager

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    Update: So I went searching around for these kind of errors in other unity games and someone somewhere suggested adding a " -force-opengl " to the end of the executable file and that has actually helped. The client now consumes 3.1GB on launch and even when it crosses the 3.5GB mark it doesn't shutdown. I think the new limit is somewhere around 3.8-4GB...but it still crashes when I go to card manager or if I leave the client on and the memory leak eventually leads to the limit being crosses.

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    Update: Nearly 2 weeks in and still experiencing the same issues. I've tried it on a totally unrelated machine and experiencing the same problem.

    Have you guys tried to load an account with over 100,000 items and seen what the memory consumption was?

    At this point ANY reply would go a long way. Either a) Yes, we've identified this issue and are looking at ways to solve it or b) We don't know what you're talking about, we've tried loading huge accounts like this and haven't seen any problems.

    I'm willing to send more details relating to my setup and error logs if it would be deemed helpful.

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    The issue is on our minds, and we are taking steps to work on it, but this isn't going to be a magical instant fix.
    No easy answers right now, but we are working on it.
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    Thanks DataDragon for the reply. I understand this is going to take time to fix but I'm hoping there are some temporary workarounds in the works.

    As it stands the opengl thing no longer works and I can't do ANYTHING with the account - this has been going on for 3 weeks. Being punished to this extent solely for being a huge investor in the game is really frustrating.

    Would you please consider helping affected players transfer commons in excess of a certain amount to another KS account. I would do this myself but a) game always crashes and b) it would take days to transfer everything due to a lack of a bulk item attachment options.

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    Did a manual card move, so hopefully you guys can get in there now.
    Engineering will be looking at this unique case to find a way to avoid it happening in the future.
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    Thanks very much DataDragon! All is good with accounts around 50-60k cards it seems. To anyone planning to hoard lots of cards in one account: Don't go over 80k (just to be safe) until the root causes are fixed.

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    Thank you DataDragon!

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