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Thread: VIP sleeve

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    VIP sleeve

    Anyone get it? Really interested in what it is.

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    It''s beautiful. My eyes are blinded. Tempting me really hard to get that 1 year VIP.

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    Is it awarded if you have already signed up for a year of VIP? I've maintained a VIP subscription since it was first available, think my last year long purchase is still going for a time yet and that sleeve is very nice

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    Yup it is. People who had VIP for over 1 year get it or buy VIP for over a year.
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    Is that a variant of the mirror knight collector AA? That was a gorgeous card.

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    Pretty awesome. Noted that it wasn't dated. Does that mean it is more like a ladder? In other words, this is the Year 1 sleeve and next year there will be a Year 2 sleeve. At least I thought there was mention from Cory of different sleeves in different years.

    I kind of like the Year 1, etc. idea.

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    i'm not sure if old VIP counts for those sleeves. I have 1 year of VIP bought since last year and i don't have it. Some things will be insertet tomorrow, but i'm not sure if anyone mentioned sleeves for old VIP.

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    My reaction to seeing these sleeves.
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    Such awesome art!
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