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Thread: [Pending] Double brutal commander hits locks turn

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    [Pending] Double brutal commander hits locks turn

    attacking with two brutal commanders wont go past the card selection phase from the first commander, locking the game and forcing you to quit. tried hitting esc, and restarting.

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    Cannot confirm this issue. If it was happening before, it is fixed now.

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    I just reproduced this so it is still present. A more detailed description in this thread
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    edit: Sorry, didnt see the link in previous post.

    Still an issue (happened less than 5 minutes ago for me).
    It seems to happen if you have 2 or more brutal commanders with different attack powers.
    You need to pick an orc for the lowe power commander first, even if it allows you to pick for the higher one.

    E.g. Attacking with brutal commanders of 2 and 3 attack.
    First time you get to pick it shows orcs with cost 3 or less. If you pick one with 3 cost first, the game hangs. You need to first select one with 2 cost or less. Next selection you can select one that costs 3.
    When this happens you can force quit game with ctrl+f4, and re-join gme (this lets you do the select orc phase again).
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    I have had this happen as well, I was able to select the first troop to come out but then the game just got stuck

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    Order of activation may not necessarily be "lowest power first", although I think it has been so in all my cases. If it's random, it might be safer to always pick orcs with cost equal or less than the lowest power BC.

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    I actually just got this to happen with ONE brutal commander attacking...For some reason he had two attack listed, but it was letting me choose 3 casting cost 3 creatures. When I attempt to select the casting cost 3 creature, it would lock up. I had this happen with another creature attacking who had 3 attack who was on the board in front of the brutal commander...not sure if that helps.
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    Happened to me as well. Lost game 20 in a perfect frostring run because of the lock.

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    same issue:
    same issue:
    same issue:

    Seems more likely to happen against arena AI that raise troop attack when attacking, like avalanche giant and Zoltog since those mess with ATK more, but, it is not required. I had this happen against Moon'Ariu just with two Brutal Commanders attacking with different Attack values (3 and 2).
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    Can confirm that I've also seen this issue as recently as today.

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