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Thread: AI blocking my Flight Troop with non-Flight Troops.

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    AI blocking my Flight Troop with non-Flight Troops.

    Your Display Name: PTGMach
    Bug Description: the AI blocked my Flight Troop with Troops that should not be able to.
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    Frequency: infrequent
    Additional Information:

    (-- i knew i'd reported this before, but i couldn't find it in a forum search. finally found it on the Test Server forum. ;P)

    i gave my Brood Creeper Flight using Feather's champion power. i attacked in, and the AI blocked with 3 grounded Troops. (they're Exhausted after the fact for plans.)
    ai blocking flight.jpg

    visual only. :| damage went to the face, and i got my Spiderling for it.
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    Can confirm this visual bug. During assign blockers, the AI assigns non-flying/non-skyguard troops to block troops with flying. During deal damage, those lines disappear and damage goes through unblocked. The AI will block troops this way that already have flight from itself and throops that gained flight through effects. Happened with the Mentor of the Grave and Eternal Guardian champions on tier 1. Need to test further later on to see if other champions are affected.

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    This is a known visual issue, your troops will not be blocked and all damage will go through to the AI's face.

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