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Thread: Shift Text issue

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    Shift Text issue

    Has everyone else had issues of whenever you add a modifier I.E "When this troop deals damage, bury top card", that instead of showing that text on the card, it just copied the shift modifier text wise? So instead it would show

    Shift (1) Lethal
    Shift (1) Lethal
    Shift (1) Lethal

    Instead of your modifiers? The effects still went in, its just the text showed up as this for me.
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    i can second this. any modifiers just duplicate whatever the existing card text is (but still function correctly)

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    This seems to be with all text, not just shift. I had a prophecy effect on someone with prophecy, and it said they had their own prophecy twice but the other text was missing.

    Same thing with the vennen card that adds spiders when you exhaust... doesn't add the text to the troop it just copies the existing text a second time.

    This bug makes it really hard to tell what's going on after a while, especially in a prophecy deck.

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    Yes, this happens for all text added to a troop's original text. It just add a copy of the original text rather than inputting the real text addition. But everything functions normally, though.

    Also, for Prairie Meadow's ability, no text is added at all, so it's impossible to know which troop is under the effect of the ability.
    I am not certain this is part of the same problem, though. Should I start a new bug thread for that problem also?

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