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Thread: Tribe Club HEX Community League - From CBB and Cornerstone Guild

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    Tribe Club HEX Community League - From CBB and Cornerstone Guild


    door prizes have been drawn!

    buccaneer aa: Derceto
    buccaneer aa: America
    survival of fittest aa: Reckless
    survival of fittest aa : sgresso
    sappers charge aa: Mountzion
    sappers charge aa: Bacon
    murder aa: assassin
    murder aa: eirdotter
    burn aa: teegeedee
    burn aa: Chimera
    darkspire punisher aa: Catalonia
    darkspire punisher aa: Debtdeflation
    2013/2014 convo pack: TheDefective
    2013/2014 convo pack: Favole
    gwaers unopened 2015 convo pack:Prominis
    claw of mountain god :halsey
    claw of mountain god: victory
    darkspire tyrant: Mard

    ingenuity prize: sugarcain

    We have a discussion thread! chat about anything to do with tribeclub @

    8/05 - updated ingenuity award!
    8/09 - updated banlist

    Welcome to Tribe Club!

    Tribe Club is a HEX: Shards of Fate community league that puts a focus on troop based combat and thematic deck building. The rules are going to be kept simple, and the basis will be that 1/3 of your total deck (including shards) must be troops that all share a trait. Traits are "robot", "mage", "beast", "human", "rogue", "warrior", "insect", "vennen", etc, etc. With the remaining cards of your deck anything goes, including any troops (regardless of traits) you may want to add as support.

    Join the war! Pick a tribe and join us for a 6 week league of tribal Combat!

    What is it?: A 6 week league where competitors Build decks under the Tribe Club ruleset which is:

    a Deck must contain 60 cards minimum
    ⅓ of a player's total deck, rounded down, (e.g. 20 cards of a 60 card deck) must be troops that all share a trait. With the remaining cards of your deck anything goes, including any troops (regardless of traits) you may want to add as support.
    Register for the season with up to 2 decklists of different tribes. You may choose either deck to play for a best of 3 games league matchup. You may not switch decks during your best of 3 match.
    There is no sideboard in Tribe Club.

    SPECIAL FRINGECASE RULES: savage lord WILL be considered a dinosuar.

    What is the clubs structure?: Tribe Club will run over 6 weeks time. Every week players can play 3 games for points toward their leaderboard score. A player may play additional games in a week to earn Tiebreaker points. (e.g. player A plays 4 games in week 1, he wins the first 2 loses the third and wins the 4th, the player would have 2 wins 1 loss and 1 tiebreaker win)

    When is it?: Tribe club starts 8/17/15 at 12:01 am EST and runs through 9/27/15 at 11:59 EST

    Scoring Structure

    win = 3 points
    loss = 1 point
    Tiebreaker games follow the same scoring structure
    1 Bonus point is awarded for playing all 3 games in a week win or loss.

    Participation structure

    Entry Fee: 2500 gold OR 25 plat
    (send to TribeClub)
    (all entry fee’s will be added to the prize pool)

    *Torture has paid the entry fee for the first 20 players to sign up in this thread.

    To participate simply post your name in the thread requesting to join and send your entry fee to TribeClub, and we will add you to the list, after that simply find another player on the list and challenge them to a Tribe Club game! Matches are best 2 out of 3. After your match come back to this thread and report the result whether you win or lose. A list of participating players will be posted in a post under this one.

    * Remember, a player may not play the same opponent for 2 weeks after playing a match with a opponent. This Rule applies to Tiebreaker matches as Well.

    * in the event only one player reports a matches result, we will be recording that to the scoreboard. As we have no way to monitor games in the client we highly recommend reporting all your matches whether you win or lose as resolving a dispute weeks later is impossible to really investigate properly. And while not all players will use the sparring que, screenshots of the results screen are great for this purpose.

    *Both Players must be on the participant list ( or recorded as such in the behind the scenes portion ) for a match to be counted. A match where a player isn't on the playerlist OR has a request to join in a previous post to the matches reporting the match will not be counted.


    We will be requiring players to send in decklists to email above. Players may submit up to 2 decks(must be different tribes).

    *When submitting your deck list include your in game name and what tribe (trait) your deck is based on.
    * as there is no sideboarding ,Players who see a card in one of their matches that they feel may have been slipped in can take a screenshot and send an inquiry to the email above for a judge to check decklists. Please include information such as which tribe they used in the deck you saw the card in to smooth the process.

    * if caught playing a card not included in your deck list, it will result in a disqualification and ban from Tribe Club.

    1st: 50% of entry fee pot
    2nd: 30% of entry fee pot
    3rd: 20% of entry fee pot

    Current pot :2300p 37500g

    The top 8 will in turn each choose a prize pack below. 1st place picks first down to 8th. There is only one of each pack.

    Shin’hare Pack

    Dino Pack

    Dwarf Pack

    Human Pack

    Necrotic Pack

    Orc Pack

    Robot Pack

    Vennen Pack

    Door Prize Eligibility: Every Game played for points will earn you a Door Prize ticket. Tiebreakers will NOT give additional Door Prize Tickets. The MAX possible door prize tickets that may be earned in the season is 18. How it works is if you play all 18 games in the season your name will be entered into the drawing 18 times, whereas if you play 1 game it will only be entered once. This Gives everybody who participates a chance but gives everyone a Chance equal to their participation.

    Door Prizes
    Two copies of each of the following card, awarded individually (12 total prizes): Buccaneer AA, Survival of the Fittest AA, Sappers Charge AA, Murder AA, Burn AA, Darkspire Punisher AA

    1x 2013/14 convacation pack
    1x physical unopened 2015 convocation pack. ( winner will need to provide Gwaer with an address for it to be shipped to, we will contact winner to help facilitate this)

    Ingenuity Award
    There will be a Prize for the deck The Tribal Council Judges the Most Ingenuitous which will be Decided by a vote amongst the Tribal council. This prize will be a Cloud King Sleeve from 2015 Gencon :]. As this is a league and not a deck building contest To qualify for this prize a participant must have at least 12 games played in the season.

    - 5th book of dharsis - allows ordering of the deck and the counter tools either stifle deck diversity too greatly or simply arnt there for alot of choices.

    --- If there is overmuch response on the same card, we will open up discussion on it for review within the format with the community. If after this we feel the card is broken, then we will ban it for the next tribe club season.

    Tech Support:
    Questions and Inquirys can be sent to Chemosh or Torture or emailed to:
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    “There have been times of calm, times of celebration, and times of strife but the drums of war can be heard in the distance and when the marching feet can be heard approaching there are choices that must be made. The Forces of Entrath are on the move and sides have been chosen, battles have been fought and there is no end in sight. So the question is, when war knocks upon your door.... whose side are you on?”

    Participant List:

    Abxolute *
    Aingeal *
    AlSayf *
    america *
    Assassin *
    Bacon *
    Bararuku *
    CaptRalfio *
    captjack *
    catalonia *
    Chimera *
    Cuzbot *
    Disappointment *
    DarthThoraj *
    Derceto *
    Debtdeflation *
    Eierdotter *
    Enyeez *
    Etruia *
    Fallini *
    Favole *
    firekeepers *
    funktion *
    Fyren *
    Graydeath *
    gruntwork *
    Halsey *
    Irysia *
    joesilly *
    Kaskeep *
    KingGabriel *
    KingRaziel *
    Khendral *
    Kmann *
    Mard *
    majin *
    Matampusa *
    medvedev *
    Metronomy *
    Monkranos *
    MountZion *
    necrophia *
    pjvedder *
    Prominis *
    Rarlig *
    Reckless *
    RxDP *
    Seraph *
    Seiker *
    SirLuxor *
    Solaris *
    sugarcain *
    TeeGeeDee *
    TheDefective *
    TheEnigmaEngine *
    kingxofxthexvoid *
    Sgresso *
    Smradd *
    Swigmonkey *
    Thrawn *
    Thugtown *
    Trollthis *
    TurSuil *
    Ubiquity *
    Victory *
    Wolzarg *
    Zsinj *

    * = paid entry
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    Donation Policy:
    If you would like to donate to Tribe Club, you may contact with any questions or send to the account TribeClub with any requests/ messages you would like to convey. Donations may be applied to the next season of Tribe Club.

    Torture: Pack Raptor AA, Extinction AA, Brood Creeper x4, Gigantisaur x4, Wretched Brood x4, Master Theorycrafter x3, Rot Caster x4, Bucktooth Commander x4, High Tomb Lord x2, Xarlox x4, Slaughtergear x3, Succulent Roostasaur x4, Eurig x2, Xentoth’s Chosen x4, War Machinist x4, Corrupt Harvester x4, Shamer Gladiator x4, Shin’hare Eulogist x4, Chlorophylia x4, Augmentation Bot x4, Mentor the Grave x4, Necrophage Sensei x4, Paladin of the Necropolis x4, Queensguard x4, Callouse Awakener x4, Underfoot Commander x4, Dopplegadget x4, Droo’s Walker x4, Ho’Hiro Samuria x4, Midnight Shepherd x4, Xentoth’s Inquisitor x4, Frost Wizard x4, Hero of Adamanth x4, Lixil x4, Princess Victoria x4, Gore Feast x4, Rocket Ranger x3, Te’talkca Orc Gladiator x4, Uzume x4, Tower Hulk x4, Jank Bot x4, War Bot Dropship x3, Darkspire Tyrant x1, Fury of the Mountain God x4, Gift of Yazukan x4, Subtle Striker x4, Xartaxis x4, Alwyn x4, Forgotten Monarch x4, War Prodigy x3, Fissuresmith x4, Furious Wrathbringer x4, Heroic Outlaw x4, Samson x4, Agent of MOLE x4, Robotic Rapture x4, Bucktooth Roshi x4, Cottontail Recruiter x4, Feral Domination x4, Savage Lord x4, Succulent Cluckodon x4, Adamanthian Scrivener AA x4, Repel AA x2, Baby Yeti AA, Burn AA x7, Sappers Charge AA x2, Windbourne Acolyte AA x4, Buccaneer AA x2, Survival of the Fittest AA x2, Concubunny AA x4, Murder AA x5, Darkspire Punisher AA x6, Reactor Bot AA x4, King Gabriel, Zoltog, Tectonic Megahulk

    WindDrake: Furious Wrathbringer, War Prodigy, Technical Genius, Darkspire Tyrant

    Chemosh: Murder AA, Buccaneer AA cloud king sleeves

    Thrawn: 2x claw of the mountain god

    Cirouss: 2x Bucc Sleeves ( will be in season 2)

    Gwaer: 1x physical unopened convocation pack.

    Chocmaw: 1,000 plat
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    Sounds like I will be donating stuffs for Season 2. Will try to join if time permits!
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    I might be interested in playing in this. Will have to think about a brew.
    Xenavire, proud guild leader for The Lions Share.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xenavire View Post
    I might be interested in playing in this. Will have to think about a brew.
    Two brews (if you want)! Players are allowed to enter up to two decks for the season!

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    I'll love to participate in this.

    A quick question: Can we adjust out decklist during the event, or do we have to submit final versions before the 17'th and then stick to them all 6 weeks?

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    ill sign up, IGN Assassin

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    The Glorious Shin'hare Empire demands representation in such a battle.

    I intend to provide this.

    IGN: Fyren
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    It look interesting, i'll signe up, IGN: Graydeath

    Could i submit a deck and later adding a second one or i have to submit both before the 17?

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