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Thread: Tribe Club HEX Community League - From CBB and Cornerstone Guild

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    ok have started sending prize packs out waiting for a response before i can send the rest :]

    remaining packs =

    shin hare

    getting setup to do doors as well so will be soon!

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    Dino pack acquired! Thanks to CBB for running this great event, and especially Chemosh for keeping the books and Torture for the incredibly generous prize layout.

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    Door prizes!

    buccaneer aa: Derceto
    buccaneer aa: America
    survival of fittest aa: Reckless
    survival of fittest aa : sgresso
    sappers charge aa: Mountzion
    sappers charge aa: Bacon
    murder aa: assassin
    murder aa: eirdotter
    burn aa: teegeedee
    burn aa: Chimera
    darkspire punisher aa: Catalonia
    darkspire punisher aa: Debtdeflation
    2013/2014 convo pack: TheDefective
    2013/2014 convo pack: Favole
    gwaers unopened 2015 convo pack:Prominis
    claw of mountain god :halsey
    claw of mountain god: victory
    darkspire tyrant: Mard
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    My wonderfull luck
    Go for the eyes Boo, GO FOR THE EYES HAAAAAAAAAA

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    Quote Originally Posted by SirLuxor View Post
    My wonderfull luck
    sorry man :[

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    Sorry for the delay but its time for the ingenuity award, this was a bit harder to pick as there were so many fun decks! But in the end we settled on Sugarcains spirits deck

    Sugurcain's Spirit deck.

    Tribe: Spirits
    Deck 2
    Champ: Feather Drifting

    Diamond x14
    Sapphire x6

    Shardcall x3
    Arcane Focus x4
    Immortal Tears x4
    Air Superiority x3
    Thunderbird x4
    Deathless Guardian x4
    Crypt Shrieker (Draw) x4
    Etherealize x3
    Spirit Eagle x4
    Forgotten Lord x4
    Forgotten Monarch (Flight/Powerup) x2
    Replica Reinforcements x1

    What we liked about this deck was it took a under developed race/trait and applied a classic deck archtype to it and made it work. While this version of the deck is more aggroish then this archtype in other games traditionally was what it seeks to do is take advantage of evasion troops to limit the opponants ability to defend against them. This deck also runs beefier ground troops in the class type and combos them with the champion feather drifting to have the option of pushing damage through or blocking some of the beefier ground troops since flyers traditionally dont have a large back end.

    and thats that! decklists will be posted soon!

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