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Thread: [Confirmed] Auction House issues post-update

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    confirmed. all hail the blue wheel overlord
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    We have having a problem caused by some searches in the Auction House. This is starting to cause problems in some other parts of the game. We are looking into it now.

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    And lo, as it was prophesied, the Blue Wheel did return once again to its flock...

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    We have resolved the problem.

    Please note that if you do a search for ALL cards in the Auction House it will not return any results. You must pick a shard to get results. This is temporary while we look into a proper fix for that situation.

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    How to search for cards on AH during current bug fixing

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    Woohoo congrats)) hope there will be no more trouble for now.

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    Canceling Auction


    Canceled an auction and my card was not returned. Attempted to do it a second time and same issue.

    Unsure if its a delay or broke.
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    Merging all AH posts into a single thread. More fixes incoming when available, say the devs.

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    AH Missing Search Results

    Firstly, I did check off the shards before my search. But ticking off "blood", "alternate art dropdown", and searching gives me nothing but 5 pages of grim harvesters. I know there should be more blood in there, as I have some blood AA for sale myself. Similarly, ticking off all shards and doing AA search only gives 8 pages of results. Lots of cards missing from results. Have not checked other cards yet, but figured I would post this.

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    Have problems too, i can see only cards from Armies of Myth set.

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