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Thread: [Confirmed] Auction House issues post-update

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    Posting in the AH logged me out and brought me to log-in screen

    I've been buying and posting in the AH these last two days with no issue. I just posted a bunch of Shin'hare Eulogist in the AH and the moment I clicked "create auction" I was taken to the log-in screen (after relogging I've checked and the cards have indeed been posted).

    Ps: I've posted more auctions afterwards (both Eulogists and other) and I have had no issues.
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    [Confirmed] Auction House issues post-update

    It seems that whenever I click to search the Auction House for listings, the game will immediately freeze up. Manually crashing it is the only way I can get it to close.

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    Same, freezing my client.

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    Ditto, although I was able to search for chests, when searching for cards it locks.

    MacOS here

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    Not just the AH, the mails as well. Might be lag due to amount of people loging in seeing mails appear after a while?

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    Blue wheels after the update patch

    After the update patch the game has been stalling at the blue wheel screen. First when trying to get mail, and now when trying to post auctions. I do have over 10,000 mails so that's probably not helping. Is there a "clear all mail" button?

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    I have the same problem with just 500 odd mails (I know that number from memory). Loading mail or trying to search auction house just freezes everything in an eternal blue wheel.

    edit: my mail did eventually load. AH doesn't though.

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    Mail system is super slow. Have to wait a minute to send some mail and then it gives "Send Mail Error".

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