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Thread: Vennen Starter Deck..

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    Vennen Starter Deck..

    I love the Vennen starter deck and I'm looking forward to getting the cards to make it more and more powerful and make my opponents scream at their deck full of spiderling eggs.

    That said, I'm wondering if one of the cards the deck contains, whilst being absolutely awesome for the deck (especially once you've managed to generate many many eggs) is not right as it's not an Armies of Myth card?

    The card in question is the Dementia Daisies card from Shattered Destiny - a nice card for forcing your opponent to pop a few eggs, but not part of the current chapter?

    I've only got the Vennen deck of the new starters, but I'm wondering if any one else finds it strange to be there, and if the other new starters also have 'old' chapter cards in them?

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    I believe all new starters have some cards from the ealier sets.

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    Yes all starters have cards from the previous sets in them. You can check the list of each deck by clicking the little i in the bottom right corner on the store page.

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    Nothing wrong with a starter deck containing older cards. You can be assured any constructed decks will contain older cards as well, even set 1, so they are definitely still playable / relevant

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    Is there a list of the new starter deck contents anywhere?

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    I don't know if anyone has compiled a list yet, but you can see the contents by going to the store and clicking on the 'i' in the bottom right hand corner of the starter deck image.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vorpal View Post
    Is there a list of the new starter deck contents anywhere?
    It's not pretty and I used some shorthand because I only did it for my own reference but here's a copy/paste from a word doc:

    Vennen Deck
    3 hatchery Priest
    3 runeweb
    1 exarch
    3 giant spider
    2 arachnomancer
    3 hatchery broodguard
    3 incubate
    1 mind rake
    2 rotting knight
    2 incubation webs
    3 pariphagy
    3 Dementia Daisies
    3 Eggblight Afflicator
    2 Painbreeder
    1 Harbinger of Hastur
    13 Blood Shard
    12 Sapphire Shard

    Coyotle Deck
    3 Howling Brave
    2 Storm Drummer
    3 Redfur
    3 Sterling Starwatching
    2 Throwback
    3 Vinetrap
    2 Rites of the Tranquil
    3 Nightsky Stargazer
    3 Zodiac Shaman
    2 Earthcaller
    2 Predatory Prey
    1 wakuna Crowfeather
    1 Rhythmic Spiritualist
    2 Brightmoon Totem
    1 Replica Reinforcements
    2 Mystic of the Tranquil Dream
    13 Wild
    12 Sapphire

    Elf Deck
    3 Baby Yeti
    3 Lithe Lyricist
    3 Emberleaf Duelist
    3 Wild Child
    3 Stirring Oration
    2 Nelebrin Skirmisher
    2 Playing With Fire
    3 Emberleaf Wardancer
    2 Ambershire Instigator
    1 Dino Might
    1 Tribal Warfare
    3 Wrathwood Larch
    2 Skydancer
    1 Ageless Troubadour
    3 Nelebrin Treeguard
    13 Wild Shard
    12 Ruby Shard

    Necrotic Deck
    3 Spiritbound Spy
    3 Grim Skull Sorcerer
    3 Deepgaze Acolyte
    3 Gemsoul Feeder
    2 Deepgaze Disciple
    3 Sepulchra Stalwart
    2 Duskwing Reclaimer
    3 Paladin of Naagaan
    3 Shardcall
    2 Shard Ward
    3 Vampire Kiss
    1 Necrophet
    2 Warlock of Aettir
    1 Deepgaze Champion
    1 Martyr
    13 Diamond Shard
    12 Blood Shard

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    If you search starter deck in the shared deck finder over at hex tcg browser, you can find a list of them.
    Here's a link.

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    They were on the main page for a while too. Let me see if I can find the list.
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