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Thread: Bug: Princess Cory Luck Sack 3

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    Bug: Princess Cory Luck Sack 3

    This bug occurred while playing Princess Cory. He played the card that puts random cards in his hand, which gave him the "luck sack 3" card. This card allows him to pay (0) to gain a charge, and put him into an infinite cycle where he continually payed nothing to gain charges. A possible resolution might be to only allow ai to play a skill for a set amount of times per turn. I'll take a screenshot in case you have questions.

    Edit: Also, two other problems I see here: First, there is no set max amount of charges as far as I can tell. Cory is already above 1000, and there is no end in sight. Putting a max to the charge level, at least for the AI would prevent this from happening.

    Second, it seems that in this patch the ability to to toggle off the "skip till end of turn" function (in the past, via pushing its same toggle on button toggled it off) has been removed from the game. So now I can't even stop the combat to quit out of the matchup, and will have to crash the client.
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    Ha, wow that's a nice one

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    Cory did this to me as well...

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