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Thread: Cant connect to sealed gauntlet match

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    Cant connect to sealed gauntlet match

    Hello I'm in a sealed gauntlet for my first match I got into the game and then got disconnected from game. I log back in it asks if I will like to reconnect I press yes and it disconnects me again. I am typing this while my time is running out. I have logged back in 7 times and still no connection to the match.

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    GRRRRRRR Now I have a lost!!!!!

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    I had the same issue, the game got stuck asking me to 'select defence priority' (or something like that) when I was attacking and there was no blockers, there was no button and nothing I could click on.

    I closed the client and when I logged back in, it took ages before the bar loaded across, and only seemed to let me back in once my game had given me a loss.

    I submitted a bug report on the support site (I assume this was the option I was meant to select, lol), hopefully I get get something back from it at least.

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