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Thread: Set 3 celebrations

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    Amazing launch. Simply awesome.

    But whilst we're on the topic of allegiance, should there not be a tooltip pop-up for when you zoom in on the cards? New players might not have any idea what it means, and it's clear some people also didn't know/remember that it triggers off in-hand stuff too.

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    Agreed about the tooltips, there seem to still be some places where they are needed and aren't there as well as the bolded links to other cards sometimes not working.

    When I first started playing AoM I had to go and lookup what the new keywords did to make sure I had them right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fido_one View Post
    Quick call out to CZE for launch and celebratory weekend awesomeness.

    Anywho, great job CZE, PM me for suggestions on how to do set 4 so I don't suck at playing it (hint: new key phrase called 'yeah, that happened', which means if your IGN matches 'Castlenock' and you play a card with that effect you win the game and get 5 primals as a bonus.)
    Watch as they implement this, but the game consistantly mana screws/floods you.

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