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Thread: Titania's Majesty and Walking Calamity

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    Anything with indestructable or prevent combat damage would soak up everything, iirc. Even the extra crush damage wouldn't get through.

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    playing random blockers is such a bad idea against crocosaur decks

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    I find it interesting that you list counters for Walking Calamity. Lets say the opponent brings out Ozawa instead , where is your god now?

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    The problem with this discussion is that it is focusing on stopping one particular way this deck wins. Obviously going off on turn 3 with Walking Calamity stands out, but the deck really gets its power level from the fact that it is really only reliant on a single card, which means top decks are live for winning the game on basically every turn starting on turn 3. That means you either 1) need to be playing blue or 2) need to be playing a deck that pressures their life total so they don't get too many looks for a Majesty or (slightly more toward the mid game) Eye of Creation.

    Sometimes a combo deck is going to just plain beat you by going off fast. That's what they do, and that is basically what this deck amounts to. Yes, disrupt that combo if you can. But the real question is what do you want to be doing to beat this deck two out of three games. In my relatively limited experience monoblood and monoruby decks are both not too poorly positioned against this deck, although neither matches its explosiveness. Being on the play vs. draw in game 1 matters a LOT. Anyway, there is more to this deck/matchup than turn 3 Calamity.

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    I ran into a couple different mono blood decks, and one mono sapphire, that decimated the Majesty decks.
    I am new to gauntlet and didn't play everything perfectly, but I don't see any one deck being a clear win over everything else, a lot depends on what you run into and who goes first.

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    The live version of the card cannot be interrupted. Many sites don't have the updated version.

    Luckily, like you said, Titania's Majesty CAN be countered so there is hope! (If you're playing Sapphire, sorry to all other colors).

    Also, anyone playing the deck at a competitive level will socket their Titania's Majesty with the Wild gem the gives the selected troop spellshield.

    Conclusion: Walking Calamity walked into a bar, there was no counter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Feegert View Post
    Conclusion: Walking Calamity walked into a bar, there was no counter.
    As noted before, the humble Seagull is a great counter to this (and immune to Crocosaurs).
    It would work against ALL the bombs in the deck if Majesty was socketed with the spell-shield (instead of ETB damage) gem, including preventing health gain from Ozawa (no combat damage done to Seagull).

    Sideboarded Burns & Heat Waves would take care of the Seagulls, but substituting those in would slow the Majesty deck down.
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    here's some new experience from my constructed Gauntlet yesterday. 6 Games played, 5 Against R/W Ramp (majesty)
    i played mono Blood Control with full sets of inquisition, withering Touch and giant corpse Fly to decimate their hand. also full set of Vampire Princess to randomly pick at their hand. Murder and Extinction are there too, for the already on board fattys.

    now up to the game experiences, as my memories aren't most accurate, i won't have the right order of matches, but just the raw happenings. the one match vs another decktype was a win and there is not much to talk about that.

    Match 1: played 1 withering touch and 2 inquisition, picking 2 majesty and 1 eye of creation , corpse fly made him discard a calamity: then i lost to topdeck majesty into ozawa
    Match 2: played 1 withering touch seeing no spells on his side. he played small ramp creatures turn 1 and 2 and played eye of creation for x=3 on turn 3 revealing arborean rootfather with spellshield and i think the rhinos, beating me to death as i didn't got extinction in time and murder can't help.
    Match 3: played 2 inquisition getting 1 majesty and 1 ramp dude (the one that gives 1 for each 5 cost on hand) he then got mana screwed and i decimated the rest of his hand and won with beatdown
    match 4: played 1 inquisition and 2 corpse fly , getting majesty and him discarding 2 calamity (out of 3 that i saw with inquisition), he ramped into 8 mana and played arborean rootfather which i handled with extinction (together with his ramp creatures), i then got vampire king running and he got flooded with like 4-5 shards in a row, so i won
    match 5: 1 withering touch for the 1 wild ramp (was the only spell), inquisition for 1 ramp guy (didn't wanted to discard fattys, which where the only other thing), on his turn 3 he topdecked periwinkle, i played princess (no murder in hand) and he got majesty or the top, which copied with periwinkle, for my luck, the copy got ozawa, so no direct damage, the original got crocosaur, which got rid of my princess. i had no extinction again and just lost the turn after that, with him topping another majesty and getting more fatties.

    in my oppinion, there is only 1 way to beat this deck and that is playing saphire, because you need bounce and counters, as nothing else is able to really handle topdecking oneshots of this deck. not sure if heavy aggro decks have better odds by trying to beat them before they just win. there is just too much thread in this deck, even if you get the majesty and the eye of creation, they can still just ramp into the fatties to hard cast them or they just topdeck the win.

    that is how i see it right now, would love to be able to win against this deck, without playing a saphire counter deck

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    Quote Originally Posted by Feegert View Post
    Also, anyone playing the deck at a competitive level will socket their Titania's Majesty with the Wild gem the gives the selected troop spellshield.

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    Sapphire/Blood spiders deck also works rather well. They're a soft counter to Titania and Eye of Creation because the eggs count as the cards viewed. The more eggs you can stick in their deck, the less effective those cards are. Also, any card besides Calamity can be dealt with by Exarch's lethal, so you have board coverage too. Top that with milling itself and you can hold your own pretty well against this kind of deck.

    Any game against this kind of deck is a race to see who can get their proper cards out first.

    It's just a shame that the game can be over by turn 3 if you don't have an answer, which only 2 shards do can do with any consistency.

    If Calamity didn't nuke everything for 10 damage upon death, it'd be much easier to deal with.
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