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Thread: Another Nico Arena Brew - Another Mono Ruby - This time with Volley!

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    Another Nico Arena Brew - Another Mono Ruby - This time with Volley!

    Hi Guys, So I got another deck with multiple variations. 1 takes longer to play, 1 is fun as hell, 1 is fast as hell

    They all hinge on one cool mechanic: The new PvE card: Volley:

    Version 1 - Sly Hunteress - Modified - Longer to play due to summoning time
    Champ - Poca
    4x Sly Hunteress (Gloves)
    4x Scraptech Brawler (Head)
    4x Prince talysen (Chest) (This is obviously a swap spot, but I really like Prince here - you can play something more budget - Of course, Jags always works here)
    4x Volley (Trinket + Weapon)
    4x Psychotic Anarchist (Feet)
    4x Woolvir Baa'sher
    4x Duplicitous Duke (Copy a Anarchist for 3 card draw per turn, and everything else also hilarious)
    4x Crimson Clarity
    6x (Open Slot - but I'm leaning towards 3x Fissuresmith for quasi spot removal and 3x Royal Falconer)
    22x Ruby Shard

    This deck has quite a bit of tricks - I think its better to say, just give it a spin. Definitely swap for Jags or some other cheap inspire if you don't have Prince Talysen. Only one major downside - no spot removal.. Only gets tricky when you also don't have crush for a baa'sher with 15+ attack..

    Version 2 - Kindling Skarn of RNG - Super fun, but sometimes RNG bites you in butt.
    Champ: Poca
    4x Kindling Skarn (Head)
    4x Prince talysen (Chest) (This is obviously a swap spot, but I really like Prince here - you can play something more budget - Of course, Jags always works here)
    4x Volley (Trinket + Weapon)
    4x Psychotic Anarchist (Feet)
    4x Burn (Gloves)
    4x First Blood
    4x Soul of Battle
    3x Quash (more if you got em')
    3x Deadeye Ripper (Speed shift dude)
    4x Crimson Clarity
    22x Ruby Shard

    It's a pretty solid deck, and can create a ton of card advantage - with Talysen / Skarn / Volley. Crimson Clarity into first blood on turn 2 after playing skarn on turn 1 is pretty awesome, and sets up for a great Volley on turn 3.

    Version 3 - Orc Rush with Volley - Fast and Consistent - 2/2 perfect runs, both sub 30mins.
    Champ = Poca
    4x Savage Raider
    4x Ridge Raider (Helm)
    4x Fierce Warlord
    4x Quash
    4x Volley (Trinket + Weapon)
    4x Psychotic Anarchist (Feet)
    4x Hired Horn Sellsword (Chest, fairly amazing in this deck actually)
    3x Burn
    4x Crushing Blow (Gloves)
    2x Soul of Battle (mainly for Hired Horn combos, but good for Quash as well)
    23x Ruby Shard

    Swapped to Poca. Hired Horn is fairly remarkable in the spot removal spot, and often will be 4 damage + remove big threat on same play. Use him basically as a 4 damage burn.
    I'm fairly sure, while brutal commander is a headache - Version 3 will be my farming brew.

    "Nico... What does Volley do?"
    Well Volley with Trinket and Weapon do 2 fun things.
    First it creates a random Ruby Ranger (This can be several cool things, like the new Houndmaster / Sniper of Gawaine / Royal Falconer / etc.)
    Then it says - when a troop attacks "this turn" deal "2" damage at random to target opposing troop, or champion.
    It happens before blocking, so often times blockers just die before getting to make a decision. When there are no blockers, all 2 damage packets go straight to the champs face.

    One other cool interaction to note:
    When 2x Quash buff each other on the attack, the first Quash buff to resolve pumps up the second Quash buff...
    So if I have two 0/1 Quash, and attack with both, adding a Crushing Blow to each, 1 Quash will deal 6 damage, and the other will deal 9
    tap = rage1 = 2 1/1's
    crushing blow each = 2 3/3's
    second procs first, making first a 6/3
    first procs second, making the second a 9/3.

    For those interested you can find all my ABT's here, and arena stomp decks. I'll use this space to bump with whatever I am brewing for PvE as well. Enjoy and bump this if you can:
    The Sharp Compendium:
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    Thx for the decks! Where from the volley comes? Chest?

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    Quote Originally Posted by madar View Post
    Thx for the decks! Where from the volley comes? Chest?
    Yes, luckily these are from Set 1 opened chests I believe, so they should be relatively easy to get.. Hopefully not too expensive. The equipment - 1 is legendary, so that could be more challenging. Not sure..

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    I run something similiar to deck 3 but without volley and only 2 quashes so far.
    BTw Volley is 250 on AH lol
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    NO its rare.
    Volley of arrow is pvp common. Volley is a pve rare.
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    Volley of Arrows?

    Never mind, it's a PvE card that doesn't show up in Doc's search engine.
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    I like it, your speed deck is kinda like a more even brutal commander deck, less fast turn 3 win conditions, less chance at a dead card.

    card to card brutal commander vs volley
    brutal commander : costs you gloves so you have to trade out burn for crackling bolt, has a 1/3 + rage body, pulls orc of choice based on damage, marginal deck thinning
    no body, 2 dmg on attack, guaranteed card, 1/3 chance at a 1 value card, 1/2 chance at a value 1 or 2 card that is worse then the commanders first pull.

    overall I liked it because I always felt like I could play everything, but didn't like it as much because it didn't feel like i had answers to what was going on .

    I'd make sure I had
    x4 quash
    and then
    x2 incantation of fury was fun, it combos well with volley for a late 1 cost 6/3
    and possibly exchange:

    witches for anarchists (who wants to draw more on spiders, quick strike completely shuts the enemy down, no heal)

    commanders for sell swords ( I hate sacrificing, it didnt look beneficial almost every time, id rather have crackling to target the boss then 4dmg for 3 cost to a mob with a small chance that it will chain for another 4.) also just having one thing that is higher then a 2 def is so necessary with the amount of 2 damage removals there are, putting 1 costs in your hand isn't too bad.

    poca for alexander ( I like the extra volley shot if I'm going to use it, more charges on incantation of fury)

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    yeah i fight over myself with brutal vs Hired Horn. The most anoying with vrutal is taking 2 equipmment slots. He brings more tropps for ovolley tough. Doesnt amtter for me since i have only 1 volley riught nwo but i gues wiuth 4 volleys might be beetter? I used poca also.

    Voley is 700 plat now/ Its quite rare card form set 1 chests so yeha it wil be hard to get.
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    From a farming perspective, Hired Horn is much better than brutal commander.. Speed run wise, less clicks, can net you huge advantages... specially, as Barkam pointed out to me yesterday, if you splash a few soul of battles into the deck.

    Psychotic Anarchist over Emberspire Witch all the way. It's not about winning faster as much as it is being able to guarantee you draw the win. (It can kind of be contradictory to what I said above, but in this circumstance, it's not meant to be)

    Sorry about the Volley price.. It seems that when decks are posted, this shit happens.. They were 250's before...
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