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Thread: Wild Crush arena

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    Wild Crush arena

    I don't have 4 quash raiders so I wanted to see how fast i could get wild aggro going. Cheap deck if ya have the wild root dancers. I have been using this to speed run Tier 1 for conv packs

    Warmaster fuzzuko

    22 wild shards

    2 smash to ground
    2 phermones
    4 wild growth
    4 crackling sprout
    3 rights of tranquil dream

    3 cotton ronin
    4 howling brave
    4 dream stag
    4 feral ogres
    4 constantina
    4 wild root dancers

    vest of the ruminant
    Feral root slippers
    musky leather gloves
    Autumn leaf (gives constantina's crush)


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    i have pplayed something like that long time ago i think my main issue were flyers. Esxpeciale ldritch dreamer.
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    I used this, went 18-2. Consistent and pretty quick.
    Plus, I like tiny creatures that turn into rampaging beasts - squirrel Hulk, as it were.

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    yea I had to replace phermones since its not working, and like I said I was mainly using this for tier 1 speed grind, not doing full runs.
    I really like constantina having crush. Wild really needs more low cost crush troops. Feral ogre just don't cut mustard by himself.

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