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Thread: Convocation arena farmign

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    Convocation arena farmign

    Can someone point us not-so-regular arena runners to some good speed decks to clear the arena during the convocation?

    I know I'm being lazy not searching for this information on the forums, but I noticed this question coming up already in different threads, so I'd like to unify the answer to it in this topic :-)

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    One of the simplest ways to find decks is to check the ones nicosharp posted himself or commented in this subforum. You shouldn't go wrong with that strategy...

    (no offense to other posters, I just read a lot of nicos' posts and they are most of time very accurate).

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    380 a dworf deck a Xocoy deck - the brutal commander bugged like hell, but for me is still the fastest deck. (i am using some Ragefire in it btw) - Dino deck, a bit expensive, a bit slow, but i found it the most stable

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    LAmost any decent mono ruby deck will work. Theres many variations of them.
    Another example would be orc weenie aggrrol :
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    Rarlig's Speed Run arena deck is still solid.
    Nicosharp's ruby volley deck (third one on his list) is also solid.

    Those are the two most consistent ones I've used (the slaughtergear's one is supposed to be really good too, but I can't afford the replicator's to try it).

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